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Thread: Share your Favourite Digimon unreleased Themes

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    Quote Originally Posted by digicro View Post
    Update to my previous analyses,I also looked for Savers tracks,which are pretty underated. There are two 'music packs'.One played from the beginning,and other,little more darker, made for the second half of series.First soundtrack album released like half of the first,while 15-20 (of first pack) remained unreleased.Later episodes tracks, all of them were (luckily) released two years later on 'Digimon Savers Flash Back' album,which basically saved Savers music from the 'Frontier fate'. Also, funfact,Savers movie is the only Digimon movie who didn't have it's exclusive music,but rather,took music from the series.
    I'm actually mad that TOEI completely ignored Frontier like it's never happened all the released tracks are like only 40 % of Frontier's soundtracks they didn't even released the Eyecatch music
    I hope that someday TOEI listens to Frontier fans and releases the rest of the soundtracks (especially the one that plays during Takuya's fight against Mercuremon in episode 28).

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    I agree.Although Savers still has quite a bit of unreleased tracks,most of it's tracks were released.Unlike Frontier which is the real shame.Also,another 'funfact': Frontier movie is ONLY Digimon anime media,which didn't get any of it's BGM scores released.All the others got it,at least in some form. Also,I hope we get Tri soundtrack released soon.For some reason,Tri stopped with their music releases.But,I really hope we get it's soundtrack,and maybe 'Best Hit Parade',compilation of all Tri songs.

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    Okay, i have two that make me sad never got realesed for Adventure. One of them is a fun track that plays on some scenes in the series, the scene i remember the most is the one from episode 30, when they are eating hamburgers. It got remixed for tri at the end of the third ova when they reunite with koromon and the others. The other is the instrumental version of brave heart that plays on episode 7. I really wish these had a recreation, or someone tried to rip them from the episodes. Cause i want to hear them so badly. Also there's some versions of bolero which never got realesed.

    Okay it also plays on Episode 8 from minute 12:44 to 14.
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    Definitely the Frontier dub's evolution theme.

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