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Thread: Battle Spirits Updates, Image Previews, Accessory Set Pre-Order!, Update- More Images

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    Aw man oh man! The foil effect on that Etemon card looks rad! All this cool merch is gonna hurt a lot of wallets.
    *sobs in a corner because he is broke as usual*

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    Updated the news.

    The newest two cards are a very nice surprise!
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    Wow, the cards looks so good! Especially the new two with Taichi and Yamato~

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    Here's the complete list of classifications for the Digimon Battle Spirits cards. First is the name, then the color(s), then the families (or card types in the case of the non-Digimon cards). Some cards are officially all colors, but have a gem in the lower right corner showing, I guess, the color that best represents them. These colors have been put in parentheses. The Digimon art we've all seen, but I've linked to all the non-Digimon cards or their full art that the artists have posted on Pixiv.


    Agumon / Red / Child, Reptile Beast, Earth Dragon
    Andromon / White / Perfect, Machine Man
    Angemon / Yellow / Adult, Heaven Spirit
    Angewomon / Yellow / Perfect, Heaven Spirit
    Apocalymon / All Colors (Purple) / Ultimate, Dark Lord
    AtlurKabuterimon / Green / Perfect, Shell Man
    Birdramon / Red / Adult, Sky Fang, Clawed Bird
    Chrysalimon / All Colors (Purple) / Adult, Dark Lord
    Devimon / Purple / Adult, Spell Demon
    Diablomon / All Colors (Purple) / Ultimate, Dark Lord
    Etemon / All Colors (White) / Perfect, Clown
    Gabumon / Purple / Child, Reptile Beast
    Garudamon / Red / Perfect, Beast Man, Clawed Bird
    Garurumon / Purple / Adult, Blade Beast
    Gekomon / Blue / Adult, Strangeness
    Gomamon / Blue / Child, Battle Beast
    Gotsumon / White / Child, Drifting Spirit
    Greymon / Red / Adult, Earth Dragon
    Hagurumon / White / Child, Moving Device
    HolyAngemon / Yellow / Perfect, Heaven Spirit
    Ikkakumon / Blue / Adult, Battle Beast
    Infermon / All Colors (Purple) / Perfect, Dark Lord
    Jyureimon / Green / Perfect, Tree Spirit
    Kabuterimon / Green / Adult, Shell Man
    Keramon / All Colors (Purple) / Child, Dark Lord
    LadyDevimon / Purple / Perfect, Spell Demon
    Leomon / Red / Adult, Beast Man
    Lilimon / Green / Perfect, Tree Spirit
    Mechanorimon / White / Adult, Armament
    Megadramon / White / Perfect, Armor Dragon
    MegaSeadramon / Blue / Perfect, Ocean Ruler
    Meramon / Red, Purple / Adult, Dark Demon
    MetalEtemon / White, Yellow / Ultimate, Clown, Machine Man
    MetalGarurumon / Purple, White / Ultimate, Machine Beast
    MetalGreymon / Red, White / Perfect, Earth Dragon, Machine Dragon
    MetalSeadramon / Blue, White / Ultimate, Ocean Ruler, Armor Dragon
    Monzaemon / White / Perfect, Giant Beast
    Mugendramon / White / Ultimate, Armor Dragon
    Numemon / All Colors (White) / Adult, Dark Demon
    Ogremon / Purple / Adult, Spell Demon
    Omegamon / White, Red / Ultimate, Battle Cavalry
    Ophanimon Fall-Down Mode / Yellow, Purple / Ultimate, Heaven Spirit, Spell Demon
    Otamamon / Blue / Child, Strangeness
    Palmon / Green / Child, Tree Spirit
    Parrotmon / Red, Green / Perfect, Sky Fang, Clawed Bird
    Patamon / Yellow / Child, Drifting Spirit
    PicoDevimon / Purple / Child, Spell Demon
    Piemon / Yellow, Purple / Ultimate, Demon Man, Four Ways
    Pinocchimon / Green / Ultimate, Tree Spirit
    Piyomon / Red / Child, Sky Fang, Clawed Bird
    Plotmon / Yellow / Child, Drifting Spirit
    Pumpmon / Purple / Perfect, Drifting Spirit
    Raguelmon / All Colors (Green) / Ultimate, Beast Man
    Scumon / All Colors (White) / Adult, Dark Demon
    Seadramon / Blue / Adult, Ocean Ruler
    SkullGreymon / Red, Purple / Perfect, Earth Dragon, Nothing Demon
    Tailmon / Yellow / Adult, Drifting Spirit
    Tankmon / White / Adult, Armament
    Tentomon / Green / Child, Shell Insect
    Togemon / Green / Adult, Tree Spirit
    TonosamaGekomon / Blue / Perfect, Strangeness
    Unimon / Yellow / Adult, Imaginary Beast
    Vademon / White / Perfect, Dark Lord
    Vamdemon / Purple / Perfect, Night Tribe
    VenomVamdemon / Purple / Ultimate, Night Tribe
    WarGreymon / Red, White / Ultimate, Dragon Man, Earth Dragon
    WereGarurumon / Purple / Perfect, Beast Man
    Whamon / Blue / Perfect, Ocean Ruler
    Wizarmon / Yellow, Purple / Adult, Demon Man
    Woodmon / Green / Adult, Tree Spirit
    Zudomon / Blue / Perfect, Beast Man

    Binding Root [reprint] / Green / Magic, Burst
    Blizzard Wall [reprint] / White / Magic
    Digitama / All Colors (Red) / Nexus
    Digivice / All Colors (White) / Nexus
    File Island / All Colors (Green) / Nexus
    Gaia Force / Red / Magic
    Grey Sword / White / Magic
    Heavenís Knuckle / Yellow / Magic
    Infinity Mountain / All Colors (Purple) / Nexus
    Mantra Draw [reprint] / Blue / Magic
    Mark of Zorro [reprint] / Purple / Magic, Burst
    Night Raid / Purple / Magic
    Shadow Wing / Green / Magic
    Spiral Mountain / All Colors (Purple) / Nexus
    Symphonic Burst [reprint] / Yellow / Magic, Burst
    Ultimate Storm / Blue / Magic
    Wild Dance with Both Wings (Burst Draw) [reprint]/ Red / Magic, Burst

    Here's the link to the Digimon set on the Battle Spirits wikia, in case you want to read their effects: http://battle-spirits.wikia.com/wiki/CB02 Some seem random, but others are rather appropriate, like Wizarmon's, Piemon's, and Angemon's. And here's the two promo cards: http://battle-spirits.wikia.com/wiki/Raguelmon and http://battle-spirits.wikia.com/wiki..._Falldown_Mode
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    Updated with the preview of the rubber playmat coming with the accessory set.
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    Dang. I was really hoping we'd get new File Island art or at least some of its locations.

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    An update on the accessory set in the first post.

    The final exclusive item from the set has been shown off.
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