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Thread: Battle Spirits Updates, Image Previews, Accessory Set Pre-Order!, Update- More Images

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    I come from the net flintlock's Avatar
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    I love Sasasi's artwork no wonder I love Battle Spirits so much.

    With the Acessory Set being P Bandai I am SO HAPPY that this card set wasn't P Bandai too. It's weird how the accessories aren't a retail release too.

    I might have to hunt down the Reguelmon and Falldown Mode cards too.

    I was really worried that they would only do recognizable Digimon so I'm happy to see weird stuff like Vademon.

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    Updated the news with 8 more high resolution images of card art.
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    I come from the net Tyranno's Avatar
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    These look pretty good, I just wish there were more digimon who weren't from the first few years of the brand.

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    I'm going digital Vaioumon's Avatar
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    Wait a minute...TANKMON HAS HAD TWO FACES THIS WHOLE TIME?! I have no idea how I've missed that all these years.

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    More art previews added to the first post.
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    They are teasing me with the lack of Vamdemon right now lol. That Wizarmon picture though!

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    Yet another stack of updates in the first post.
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    Junior Commander saifors's Avatar
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    That's some beautifully detailed artwork, and Angewomon looks like she wasn't done by a hentai artist for once and looks elegant, which has become a rarity.

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    Super Moderator Theigno's Avatar
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    Holy shit, so much artwork... can't keep up with the edits (Also I wish we got the tentomon one in that size). And there I thought I was halfway through when I had 7 in total...

    I also noticed that some of the newer updates images have suffered considerably more compression than the others (but still look good when scaled down). Those images so far are: Piemon, Pinochimon, Tankmon, Hagurumon, Gotsumon, Parrotmon and Pumpmon. They are consequently considered low priority.
    anyway, next clean batch (from the first update) for now:

    the uncompressed pack has also been updated.
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    I'm a Maniac GrungeCat's Avatar
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    The Pumpmon and Megadramon cards are so beautiful...the higher resolution on all the cards as a whole is fantastic. Being able to see the brush strokes is something I always love, so this is one of the most exciting releases of the entire year for me. I'm really hoping we get a Devidramon card.

    Also that Monzaemon is just disgustingly cute.

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