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Thread: Digimon V-Pet fangame for PC (alpha)

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    Digimon V-Pet fangame for PC (alpha)

    DVPet Alpha

    Download here:
    DVpet Alpha


    DVPet is a Java fan-game application for the PC based on the original Digimon V-Pets and Digimon World games. This game is a pet simulator, designed to emulate the look and feel of the original Digimon vpets with a greater emphasis on pet raising mechanics.

    Since this game was made using Java, it should work on either Windows or Mac computers. However, I can only test this myself on Windows, so I can't guarantee everything will work perfectly on a Mac. Follow the instructions for Mac users in the game's folder. Before downloading, make sure your Java is up to date.

    Raise over 700 different Digimon, including every character from versions 1-6 of the original vpets and 0-5 of the pendulums (+.5s).

    Choose the fastest clock speed (four arrows) to play a game where every in-game day is equal to 1 real-world hour. Choose fast clock (three arrows) where every in-game minute is equal to 6 real-world seconds. Choose slow clock for playing in real time (one arrow). With the slow clock, the game will account for the time it spends turned off. If 8 hours pass in real life while the game is turned off, it will be like those 8 hours really passed in game when you turn it back on.

    The application allows you to choose the color shell you'd like as well as what size you want the screen to be.

    Click Here


    An evolution tree shows you the Digimon you've unlocked so far as well as their evolution requirements. It also shows you which Digimon you've evolved to in your Digimon's lifetime. Each game you create uses the same evolution tree save file, so you can raise multiple Digimon at once to fill the tree more quickly. Train your Digimon in three attributes in three different minigames. Each attribute will affect both evolution and the outcome of battle differently. The Circle icon denotes the Vaccine attribute.

    The Square icon, the Data attribute. And the Triangle icon, the Virus attribute. In addition to training attributes, a number of other factors can affect evolution, each represented by an icon on the evolution tree. In order from left to right: mistakes, sicknesses, obedience, vaccine power, virus power, overeats, injuries, time of majority training sessions, data power, weight, sleep disturbances, battle win rate and battles, and mood. Fulfill these requirements and evolve to the next level.

    Both injuries and illnesses accumulate over the Digimon's lifetime. Unlike other requirements, they don't reset upon a successful evolution.


    Feed your Digimon different foods for different effects.

    • Meat increases mood most, but it also decreases enthusiasm (meaning it will be more likely to refuse training).
    • Fish makes your Digimon more enthusiastic about training (meaning it will be less likely to refuse training).
    • The apple increases mood more (like the meat) except it lowers obedience slightly.
    • The radish increases obedience, but it also lowers mood slightly.
    • Vitamins decrease the risk of injury for training and battles for 1 hour. They also increase 1 energy. If you want to train but are dangerously close to exhaustion, feeding a vitamin will decrease your strength by 1 so that you can train more. Be careful, though. Feeding more than one while the first is still in effect could make the Digimon sick. Feeding too many will negatively affect the Digimon's lifespan.

    Your Digimon can refuse training or food if its obedience is low and/or it isn't in the mood. Praise/Scold after your Digimon does something to increase obedience and mood. A lightbulb icon will appear next to the Digimon when it can receive the maximum benefit from praising or scolding.

    When your Digimon refuses something, scold it to raise obedience. After scolding, your Digimon will never refuse the next thing you ask (unless its hunger is full or it doesn't have any energy). In this same sequence, after your Digimon does what you ask, praise it to raise obedience further.

    In addition, praise your Digimon after a successful training session or after winning a battle to increase obedience even further. Failing to praise or scold in time will have different effects. Failure to praise will increase your Digimon's obedience substantially, but it will also greatly decrease its mood. Failure to scold will increase its mood, but its obedience will go down. Sometimes, a Digimon with low obedience will call out for attention for no reason. Scold your Digimon when this happens. Tending to it instead will cause your Digimon's obedience to greatly decrease.

    At high obedience, the Digimon will change how it reacts when scolded. The Digimon's mood will decrease less and it will visibly react differently. A baby Digimon will start with high default obedience. When it evolves for the first time, its default obedience will decrease slightly. And when your Digimon reaches the child stage, its starting obedience depends on its mood when it evolved. A happy Digimon will allot a higher starting obedience.

    There is a very low chance that, when unhappy, your Digimon will become depressed. The more unhappy your Digimon is, the higher that chance becomes (although it's still low). If your Digimon becomes depressed, then it has a 50% chance of refusing to do anything. If you maintain a high enough mood for a long period of time it will return to normal.

    Maintain a healthy weight or your Digimon will have a higher risk of injury. The scale in the menu will tilt left if the Digimon is underweight and right if it is overweight. Clean up after your Digimon before feeding or it could get sick. Your Digimon's on-screen behavior will change slightly based on how it's feeling. If it's happy or unhappy, it will act differently while wandering its cage. If it hasn't trained in a while, it will become bored and behave restlessly.

    Care mistakes occur when the call alert on the bottom left of the screen lights up. Alerts trigger if your Digimon's hunger or strength hearts reach 0, if your Digimon has pooped more than 3 uncleaned poops, or if your Digimon is asleep with the lights on. If 10 minutes pass without attending to your Digimon's needs, you will get a care mistake.

    If your Digimon becomes sick or injured, you will have to care for it. Training and battling while ill or injured runs a higher risk of injury or worsening your condition. Neither sickness nor injury counts as a care mistake, but they may be required for some later evolutions.

    Both sickness and injury incur a small penalty to your Digimon's lifespan. Left untreated, your Digimon's sickness will last approximately half a day, but that duration can be reduced by treating it with medicine or a bandage every hour. Treating more frequently than an hour won't affect your Digimon when injured. However, if you feed it more medicine before the first has worn off, your Digimon's condition could get worse. Both sickness and injury have unique, hourly effects.

    • Sickness: Poop more frequently. Will likely result in becoming underweight.
    • Injury: Become hungry more quickly. Will likely result in becoming overweight. When first injured, lose 1 energy.


    Each Digimon is unique. Appetite, activity level, general disposition, how quickly obedience increases, its favorite training game, favorite food, and favorite time of day are all randomized whenever a Digimon is born. However, depending on how you raise it, the Digimon's personality may change when it becomes an Adult. Feed your Digimon its favorite food and have it complete its favorite training game to increase mood more quickly.

    The Digimon is less likely to refuse its favorites. In addition, when your mood is high and you train in the same attribute as the Digimon, training is more effective.

    Train your Digimon during its preferred time of day to increase mood more as well. You'll also have a chance of not losing any energy for that training session and getting an extra point in that attribute. The time of day is split up between morning, afternoon, and night. The times at which these occur change with the seasons.

    Over time, your Digimon's favorites may change to match how you're raising it. If you keep feeding it meat, for example, your Digimon's favorite food may eventually become meat. However, if you re-expose your Digimon to its favorite before it changes, your Digimon's interest in anything else will greatly decrease.

    Training and Battling

    Without a vitamin, every training session or battle runs a small chance of injury. If you train in the attribute your Digimon is weak to or if you lose a battle, the chance of injury increases. Conversely, training in the same attribute as the Digimon when in a good mood will award it a bonus point in that attribute. Train during clear weather as well for a chance to conserve your energy.

    Be careful of training and battling too much. If you train more than 12 times in a row (6 for Baby I and 9 for Baby II) or your energy drops below 0, your Digimon will become exhausted and receive a care mistake. Avoid this penalty by paying attention to your Digimon's behavior. It will act more exhausted the closer you get to the limit. If you train or battle while exhausted, you'll lose more energy and have an increased chance of injury. This fatigue will wear off after about an hour. Let your Digimon sleep to regain energy every hour.

    Your Digimon's sleeping pattern will change based on how much energy it has when it falls asleep. Additionally, have your Digimon take a nap by turning off the lights. After a little while, it will fall asleep. By taking a nap, your Digimon can recover 1 energy point every 30 minutes, and if its strength hearts are above 4, it will reset them to 3. By sleeping normally, your Digimon will recover 2 energy every hour.

    After every battle, your Digimon will need to recover a bit before the next or you won't battle with full health. You don't have to do anything special to recover. Just wait until the pulsating heart is full on the energy menu and you can battle again without penalty. Whenever you win a battle you'll get a small increase to your attack power depending on the attribute of your enemy. In addition, if you win a battle without your health falling below half, you won't lose as much energy.

    When you first start battling, you start off with 5 HP. The more battles you win at full muscle strength, the more HP your Digimon will get. Each evolutionary stage has a max HP. To increase your HP beyond a certain point, you'll need to evolve.

    Each attribute represents a Digimon's strength in and resistance to that attribute. A Digimon with high stats in Data will hit harder with and take less damage from Data attacks. The menu that measures attribute attack power is displayed in terms of levels. Each level represents 25 attack power in a particular attribute.

    Adventure Mode

    An adventure mode quest game is included that repurposes the first map from the original season 1 English Digivice. All the bosses and most of the random encounters are the same, but there are some additional enemies to keep things interesting. Your Digimon will travel across the quest map according to how fast you've told it to walk. There are two traveling speeds: walking and running.

    Walking will increase your steps and decrease your energy over time. Running will greatly increase your steps, but it will also greatly decrease your energy. While traveling, every so often your Digimon will encounter an enemy.

    Click the "Battle" screen to start the battle. If you don't click it in time, it will count as a forfeit and the number of steps you've traveled on that map will decrease as penalty. Battling and the adventure mode aren't unlocked until you reach Child stage. Only Adults and higher can jogress.

    Online Functionality

    Both jogress and battles can be done online. For people connecting to a host, enter his or her IP address and click the flashing battle icon to start. You can surrender battles, but it will count as a loss for the person who surrendered. For the other person, it won't count as a battle at all. For jogressing, there is no time limit like there is with normal evolution. If you fail to meet the requirements to evolve normally in time, you can try jogressing instead. If you still have any unfulfilled requirements for the jogress, your Digimon will shake its head at you. Look for the tiny DNA icon in the evolution tree to see who you can jogress to. Keep in mind that Digimon partners in a jogress must both be different.

    Digital diseases are contagious. If you battle or jogress with a Digimon online who's sick, there is a good chance of you catching its disease.


    If you want to add custom or new Digimon or modify the characters currently in the game, it's as simple as downloading a program that allows you to view and extract files from a .jar. For example, download 7zip here. Open the .jar with the program you installed to view its files. Navigate to the Model folder and extract the files named evolutions.csv and parents.csv. These files contain everything that determines the sprites used, evolutionary requirements, and evolutions for each Digimon. I would recommend using a program like Excel to organize the entries.

    Modify Evolutionary Requirements and Characteristics

    The evolutions.csv file is what the program uses to determine a Digimon's basic statistics and evolutionary requirements. The first row of the file gives you a clue into what each variable represents. First of all, if you're adding a new Digimon, make sure each variable contains an entry, following the standards of the other row entries. It should be fairly easy to figure out what is used as the default value for each variable.

    The NaturalParent column in the csv file requires either a name of one of the available Digimon or no name. The game will add the indicated Digimon without a time requirement as the evolution of the Digimon record. This was originally made so that the same Baby II Digimon could have two different requirements depending on who it evolves from. Even though it can now be modded easily, there would be little reason to use it for other evolutionary stages, but it shouldn't break anything.

    The Name represents the Digimon's name.

    The evolutions.csv file uses a Key/Value pair standard for data ranges. The Key must be either None, GreaterThan, LessThan, or EqualTo. This key decides how the value (a whole number) is compared. Each variable whose name includes "Key" or "Value" follows this standard, so an explanation of each is unnecessary.

    The EggType is only used for Baby I stage Digimon and determines which egg it comes from. Every other stage must have the default -1 value.

    The NewAttribute variable determines the Digimon's attribute and must be either None, Data, Vaccine, or Virus.

    The NewField variable determines the Digimon's field and must be either None, NatureSpirit, NightmareSoldier, DarkArea, VirusBuster, DragonsRoar, WindGuardian, JungleTrooper, DeepSaver, or MetalEmpire.

    The Parents variable determines how many Digimon a Digimon can evolve into. Note that only the first 10 will be shown on the evolution chart and the failure evolutions Chuumon, Sukamon, Numemon, and Nanimon aren't displayed. There shouldn't be a reason to go beyond 10 for Digimon who aren't the Child or Baby II stage.

    determines which evolution a Digimon evolves to when it fulfills the requirements of more than one evolution. The higher difficulty will take precedent over lower difficulties. If the Digimon fulfills the requisites of two or more evolutions of the same difficulty, then each evolution is checked in order of appearance within the set of data and is given a 50% chance of evolving instead of the previous evolution checked.

    determines whether a Digimon is capable of jogressing.

    determines the Digimion's base weight. StomachCapacity determines how many times you can feed a Digimon before it won't eat anymore.

    Sick and injured variables
    determine how many times a Digimon must have been sick or injured in its lifetime to evolve.

    Mood variables
    determine what the Digimon's mood must be to evolve. The value can be between -300 and 300. Note that a Digimon cannot increase its mood past 300 or decrease its mood below -300.

    Obedience variables
    determine how obedient a Digimon must be to evolve. The value can be between 0 and 100. Note that a Digimon cannot increase its obedience past 100 or decrease its obedience below 0.

    determines whether a Digimon must have trained the majority of its total training sessions during a certain time period. Time must be None, Morning, Noon, or Night.

    The wins variables specify the win rate percentage a Digimon must achieve to evolve.

    Probability is a percentage variable between 0 and 100 that determines how likely a Digimon is to evolve. This value is added together with care bonuses to determine the overall chance of evolution. (Disabled as of 1/12/18 - However, must contain a whole number in the spread sheet)

    The unlocked column allows you to set whether the new Digimon you add are unlocked in the evolution tree by default

    Modify Sprites

    The NewStage variable determines the Digimon's stage and must be Egg, Fresh, InTraining, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, or Mega.

    The NewSpriteNum and NewSpriteSet variables along with the NewStage variable determine what sprites to use.

    Each sprite sheet can be found in the "resources" folder and is named following a certain standard: "sprites[Stage][Set#]." For example, spritesRookie0 is the first sprite sheet for Rookie Digimon. When the program looks for what sprites to use, it will check both the NewStage and NewSpriteSet variables first, corresponding to the naming standard above.

    The NewSpriteNum variable is the first sprite of each column in the sprite sheet that represents a unique Digimon. If you want to add a new Digimon to the game with your own art, simply follow this naming standard and add a new .png file to the .jar. Otherwise, you can modify the .png files included in the program by extracting and adding/overwriting the sprite sheet with 7zip.

    To add a new egg, follow the steps above to extract the eggs.png file. Add a new egg to the end of this image following the dimensions and margins of the other images in that same file. Increase the ParentsLength variable in the Digitama entity by however many more eggs you're adding.

    Modify Available Evolutions for Each Digimon

    The parents.csv file is relatively straightforward. The first row is the name of the Digimon whom you are modifying. Subsequent rows list the name of that Digimon's possible evolutions. If you add more parents to this file than the Parents variable in evolutions.csv defines, some evolutions will not appear on the evolution chart. Names are not case sensitive.

    Finish Modding

    After you're done editing the files, use 7zip to add and overwrite the files you modified. Note that the new Digimon you add won't be automatically unlocked in the evolution chart. You'll have to achieve the evolution normally.

    Alpha Testers

    This post has most of what you need to know in order to offer your Digimon the best care. However, I mostly want to know how intuitive the game is to play. I want it to be easy enough to interpret without a guide. If you want to wipe the evolution tree so that you can unlock everything yourself, just go into the files folder and delete the "tree" file.

    If you'd like help testing, you can open the debug menu by pressing the following keys from the start menu:

    Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B

    While the debug menu is in focus use the , key to go "back" in time and the . key to go forward.

    If you come across an error, check the errorlogs.txt file in DVPet/files for errors and send me its contents in an email or private message.


    Specific credits for most of the Digimon sprites and sounds are in a README file bundled up with the program itself. But, in short, the transcription/creation of most sprites and sounds are credited to PepperRocket, SydMontague, BladeSabre, Da_Duke2000, Low Lines, Gouitsu, Monterrio Ashmore, and the artists from Digimon Unlimited. You guys made my life a heck of a lot easier!


    This game started out as a way to become more familiar with Java. Although it's expanded well beyond this original goal, I still consider the project's purpose largely academic. It's not my intention to make a "product."


    I changed the way save files work in that update to comply more with typical programming standards. Unfortunately, that means old saves no longer work.

    Known Issues

    These are the bugs I'm aware of and may need more information in order to track down. Most of the time, this means I haven't found a way to reproduce them yet, so any help would be greatly appreciated. If you encounter any of these bugs, please send me a description of what was happening when the bug occurred.

    *Sometimes after rapid feeding and animation skipping the food menu won't display some/any buttons
    *Sometimes the enemy sprite is invisible
    *Sometimes food looks like a vitamin
    *Sometimes artifacts appear in the zone details menu
    *Sometimes the egg skips hatching - the fastest clock speed may play a role (until I figure out the cause, if this happens open debug menu and go back in time)

    Newest Changes

    1/24/20 (Version 2):

    *Decreased the number of tournaments with a field or attribute requirement
    *Added extra evolutions to characters with only 1 or 2
    *Added evolution tree buttons to the keyboard cursor, fixing a bug that caused the keyboard to interfere with the search bar

    *Text can now be entered by cycling through letters using the A and B buttons
    *Added a setting to disable keyboard cursor text editing (disabled by default)
    *Fixed a bug preventing temperature from rising when set to 100
    *Fixed a bug causing the game to freeze when attempting to fight a Digimon after investigating in a town


    *Changed default keys temporarily to avoid interfering with text fields


    *Fixed a bug in which the menu would become disabled after an animation

    *Keyboard alternative to mouse implemented (wip)
    -Default keys z (cycle cursor) x (reverse cursor) c (enter) v (cancel)
    -Change the keys in the config.csv file by inputting its keycode
    *New games will start temperature out at 100
    *Fixed a bug that prevented restarting after death in certain cases
    *Baths will now decrease strength and increase energy


    *Fixed a bug causing instant death on the normal clock setting with time skip disabled after 2 or more days have passed since a save file was opened


    *Added an optional jogress setting
    *Fixed a bug preventing practice battle opponents from scaling correctly when choosing an attack
    *Added another line of information to error log entries
    *Made items and food more descriptive
    *Sometimes while traveling in adventure mode, your Digimon will ask to investigate something, which will turn up an item, food, or an enemy


    *Digimon now have the option to use a special sprite for their attacks in evolutions.csv
    *Special attack sprites will be used in place of the older sprites during battle
    *The special attack sprite sheet can be expanded indefinitely if the conventions are followed
    -attack sprites must be 24x24 and new rows or columns must have 3 pixels of space in between sprites


    *Fixed an issue where NPC fights would sometimes never end


    *Increased winnings from tournaments
    *Fixed a bug causing the game to stall after performing a time skip


    *Fixed a bug where changing travel speed wouldn't disturb the Digimon
    *Digimon will sometimes give the player an item or food
    - Items and food that can be given to the player are determined by the canGift column in the items and food csv files
    *Now correctly skips your turn when you fail to escape
    *Fixed a bug that prevented the background from updating while in adventure mode
    *Hid teaching icon while asleep
    *Increased message readability


    *Added a search bar to the evolution tree
    *Fixed bugs with windows' realignment
    *Changed menu colors

    *Flipped travel icon when traveling backwards
    *Added config options for various time-based method calls
    *Added a pause button to the set clock menu if time skip is disabled
    *Now centers window after scaling
    *Fixed a bug with scaling the user input menu

    *Fixed bug that didn't scale frozen sprite correctly


    *Fixed a crash that occurred when the Digimon received a second fatigue penalty
    *The Digimon will now be disturbed from sleep when a battle starts in adventure


    *Fixed a bug where strength was always 8 after loading a game
    *Fixed a bug causing fatigue to occur if strength decreased while above the max
    *Fixed a bug allowing the second adventure map to be selected


    *Perfect wins will now only increase if the Digimon has earned less than its max health
    *Added an option in settings to keep the game at the front of the screen at all times


    *Added transition to pausing game
    *Added feedback to saving game
    *Added a config setting for jogress and digimental energy
    *View how close you are to your next HP by clicking the HP bar in the stat menu
    *Added an animation that plays when you get a new health point
    *Digimon will now refuse before teleporting instead of after
    *Updated error log to limit file size to 1 mb, list date and time more clearly, and record less information


    *Fixed a bug causing the game to crash when entering a tournament


    *Fixed a bug causing the game to crash when restarting
    *Fixed a bug causing the Digimon to refuse when dead
    *Updated Flymon's evolutions

    Hotfixed bug cancelling out digimemories from last build


    *Fixed a bug with the life change animation
    *Fixed Monitamon's evolutions
    *Refactored config file abstraction
    *Added config file options
    *Removed the Empty attack effect

    Thank you for considering testing this game! If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know. I want to make this game a fun and rewarding experience, so please share with me any ideas or criticism you have. I won't know what to improve otherwise.
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    Okay so I really like the concept of this but if the baby stage is the most obedient then I'd hate to see what the other stages are like because they say no to just about everything right off the bat. In fact, I started a game where the baby stage just kept saying no so I just made a new save instead. It's pretty vague at that too. I wasn't even sure how to get to the praise/scold feature at first and it's not really clear on when I should be using it. So it ends up with my digimon more frustrated than anything and me being unable to turn the mood around. It's actually extremely annoying. Even the friend I showed this to has been quite annoyed by that feature as well. Honestly if there's any feature I could do without this one would have to be the one. That or it seriously needs extreme adjustments. It's the only awful part of this game in my opinion. I just can't stay to invested for too long and it's truly a shame because it's clear you've put a lot of work into it and I really want to enjoy it but as it stands I can't say that I am going to.

    I really, really hope this gets adjusted. I really want to enjoy this game.

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    I'm having the same problem as the above poster. I love the idea of this and have wanted a chance to experience the Digimon Virtual Pet for a long time and by jove i would love to see this thing get a lot more love and popularity. Like pancake said the Baby/Fresh stage is constantly refusing to do anything requiring me to scold it every time i need to feed it or train it. I felt that this is very important to relay to you in order to improve this love crafted concept.

    If you could get this to somehow work with Android or something this would be doubly awesome

    PS: How do you make your Digimon lose weight?

    Also: Maybe they App still updating whilst accounting with the internal clock whilst off might be a bad idea considering that there is no way guarantiing weather the user would be at the computer all times. Perhaps on a phone port it would work but on a PC itself it might not be a good idea.
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    Thank you both for the feedback! I've known for awhile now that the numbers are probably off, but I was waiting for specific feedback before I made any adjustments. I deliberately overtuned things to start with, developing everything more on the difficult side so that I could scale things back later after getting some feedback. I hope to make things easy enough to be enjoyable, but not so easy that the feature is rendered pointless.

    To that end, I think it would be a shame to get rid of the praise/scold feature entirely. I want to make a vpet that places more emphasis on simulation, and real pets won't always agree with what you tell them. The issue here is going to be how to strike the right balance between realism and fun.

    I wanted to try to make the praise/scold system logically understandable, so you scold when your Digimon does something you don't want it to do (like refuse) and praise as a reward (when it does what you want after scolding or when it trains successfully/wins a battle). Please let me know if you have any ideas as to how to make this clearer.

    Currently, the vpet can refuse food, treatment, training, and battles. All refusal first and foremost depends on how obedient the Digimon is, but this chance can be modified based on mood, enthusiasm, disposition, and hunger as well.

    For food and training, your Digimon is less likely to refuse its favorite.

    The chance of refusing food is further modified by whether the Digimon's hunger hearts are full. If the Digimon has greater than 4 hunger, the likelihood of it refusing more food increases.

    The chance of refusing training is modified by how much the Digimon has trained recently, tracked by its enthusiasm variable. The lower the enthusiasm, the more likely the Digimon will refuse training. Over time, this value increases until it reaches the max 10, but it can also increase by feeding it fish. The only way in-game to see the enthusiasm variable is by monitoring the Digimon's on-screen movement and guestimating its value.

    For both training and feeding, the idea was to go through some brief trial and error to determine what your Digimon prefers and then stick with that until its obedience is high enough to do something different. This is the main purpose of the baby stage: to become familiar with the Digimon's tastes.

    Over the course of my personal testing, I've tweaked the numbers to make hunger, enthusiasm, and mood more impactful. The result was surprisingly significant, so I can try tweaking these numbers more to make caring for the Digimon easier.

    To have a better idea of what I need to change, however, I need a better idea of how you've been raising the Digimon. A lot of the vpet involves letting your Digimon idle for extended periods of time as there are a lot of checks/penalties on over-training. To tweak these penalties and to have a better idea of how the game "feels" to play, I need a bit more information.

    Does it feel responsive enough to its favorites? How impactful does it seem its mood and enthusiasm have been? How much are you feeding it? How much are you training it? How much training are you doing in a row? How low/high has its mood/obedience gotten? What's the oldest your Digimon has become (in terms of its lapsed life on the debug menu)?

    To give you an idea of what to expect later in-game, this is a photo of the two Digimon I've been raising for the last couple days (The one on the right is on its second egg):

    And after just 5.6 hours of gameplay (fast clock) and about 34 minutes of real life time, their mood and obedience are both high:

    To address JonicOokami7's specific post:

    Quote Originally Posted by JonicOokami7 View Post
    PS: How do you make your Digimon lose weight?

    Also: Maybe they App still updating whilst accounting with the internal clock whilst off might be a bad idea considering that there is no way guarantiing weather the user would be at the computer all times. Perhaps on a phone port it would work but on a PC itself it might not be a good idea.
    What's your Digimon's weight? What have you tried so far? Have you updated the program recently?

    The main way to lose weight is by training/battling. If your energy has been exhausted, you can increase its energy by feeding it a vitamin or turning the lights off and waiting for it to fall asleep. Alternatively, you can take the preventative approach and ration out its food or keep the hunger hearts at only 1.

    These are the ways I've been able to successfully maintain its weight, although being the developer, I have a better idea of how all the numbers work. If you have any suggestions about how to make losing weight easier, be sure to let me know.

    The main reason I have the clock "running" while the game is off was specifically made with the PC in mind. I was frustrated with other vpets I played that ran in real time because I would only have it on for a couple hours at a time, which made my progress extremely slow. Plus, I was annoyed that the clock would always be off. By making the game play catch up when you turn it on, I wanted to solve those frustrations.

    If the issue is that the user isn't using the PC frequently enough to care for the Digimon, then that's the reason I created the "fast clock" option. Each minute is equal to 6 real world seconds, and it doesn't play catch up each time you turn it on. Plus you can pause it. This feature seems to cater best to those users who can't use their PC frequently.

    EDIT: proposed equation change

    This is the equation for refusing food or training:
    (where r is a random number between 0 and 99; if r is less than or equal to the equation's solution, then your Digimon will refuse)

    Food (when not favorite or hunger > 4; if the food is favorite and hunger <= 4, then always accept food):

    r <= 81 - obedience - (mood / 15)

    Training (where timeMod is equal to 10 if you're training during its favorite time of day; favorite training is always accepted if enthusiasm > 0):

    r + (enthusiasm * 6) + timeMod <= 81 - obedience - (mood / 15)

    This new equation is based on the most obedience and the least mood. The goal is to have these circumstances generate 2% chance of refusal.

    i.e., r <= 81 - 100 - (-300/15)
    r <= -19 - (-20)
    r <= 1
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    I've been playing this for a few days now. This is a new account I made here and I've never followed any of this guy's work before but I've been in constant communication with him since I saw his post on reddit the day he posted this guide.

    I was shocked at how much work and detail has gone into this project and it just appeared out of nowhere.
    I've enjoyed it so far, I've reported a small number of bugs and issues that have already been addressed. The creator has quite a nice vision for this game and I'm very enthusiastic to find a way to help him finish development and push this into the App world and onto android devices.

    I'm looking to help him start spreading the word about his app and get more fans interested. This program is incredibly promising and I'd love to see it progress but we need more eyes/hands looking for bugs and glitches.
    Also, I know this guy seems sketchy coming out of nowhere on the forums and mediums he's using but I vouch that this app is legit. It feels like a fully functional virtual pet with lots of evolution paths.

    Maybe we can all get a friend or two to try raising a few digimon, then listen to their complaints and list them out here so the Dev can address them.
    Thanks for reading
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    I'm gonna be completely honest here. I stopped playing very soon after I started. I can understand you wanting to put some difficulty in the game somehow. But whenever my friend and I did training would refuse training of any kind after doing it the first time. So I'm gonna be honest here and say that this is exactly what you don't want to do to a new player who is trying to learn the mechanics of a game. I can't easily learn how to do the training sessions properly if it keeps refusing me all the time. This in turn makes it frustrating and also unplayable. You can go over the mechanics or your reasoning but you don;t want to introduce that level of difficulty right away with anything. You've gotta ease into it.

    Even so I'm unsure if I want to pick it up again even if it gets properly addressed. I just don't really like the idea of an adult refusing me all the time. Maybe its the high number of times the baby stage just refused anything I tried doing that put me off so badly.

    Maybe I'll give it another go if you've updated it since the last time.

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    I appreciate the time you've put into this, no matter how little. But what I honestly need here are testers interested in helping me make the game fun. This goes beyond the refusal mechanic. I need impressions and suggestions for evolution requirements, battle mechanics, and the fatigue/sick/injury mechanics.

    I believe it's reasonable to take for granted that an alpha version won't necessarily be fun due to tuning issues. However, I need the assistance of others to make things better and eventually push this into a beta version that can be legitimately fun. The only way to do that is for me to explain in a way other people can understand both my reasons behind the mechanic and how the mechanic works. This will allow for more precise and informed feedback, as well as opinions on how I can more faithfully recreate the original concept in game form. In this way, I can modify my original rationale and improve the overall experience.

    Testers can help me make the game fun in the future. I try to make it fun by myself without the assistance, but I can only work off of what I consider fun. And what I consider fun is not what 99% of the population would necessarily consider fun.

    Currently some of the feedback I've received has been too sparse for me to make much use of. I need more details in order to more finely tune the mechanic in such a way that it is both relevant and not unfun. For example, I need data as well as specific impressions. I need to know specifically when the Digimon refuses, how often, what is done in an attempt to prevent it, the obedience/mood levels at the time of refusal, and the numbers for many of the variables that can be found on that debug menu popup. In addition, I need to know specific changes that testers feel would make the game better. For example, "I think it would be better if Digimon had a x% chance to refuse at y obedience." Or, "I don't think mood should affect refusal chance because x."

    I understand that you're no longer interested in playing the game, so these petitions don't necessarily apply to you, but I hope you forgive the failings of an alpha game that is still in need of some TLC.
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    I've been playing this since yesterday (despite already running four physical v-pets... I have no self control) and I'm loving it. I can't believe it's only alpha, it feels pretty much complete to me, so I'm pumped to see what else can be improved in it in the future!
    It is true that constant lack of obedience is fairly annoying, but it's no big deal once you realize that you really just gotta scold the little rascal every time it doesn't want to do anything and it's alright. I really like how it looks as a desktop toy and how versatile it is, I sure wouldn't mind if that's what the 20th anniversary v-pet looked like, versus what we got (and I love the anniversary pet, mind you.)
    Personally I would be really interested in an item shop- I know there's a card shop in the works, but being aple to buy power ups could be neat.
    As for obedience improvements, I think it could be nice if perhaps certain Digimon were more inherently obedient than others- either Digimon by Digimon or just going generally by their attributes, virus being the least obedient. (Unless that's how it already is?)
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    I'm glad you're enjoying it!

    It's nice that you think it's pretty much complete too. There's really only a couple features left to add before I'll consider it in "beta." At which point, I pretty much want to focus on quality of life features, balance of game mechanics, general polish, and aesthetics. Plus continuing to add individual new adventure maps, battle cards, tournaments, and any new Digimon that I can get my hands on.

    I'm still looking to refine my obedience system, so if you have any ideas be sure to let me know! I've considered a couple solutions, but I'm still evaluating the core issue. For example, I'm wondering if building up obedience isn't as rewarding as it should be. It's possible that there are so many factors affecting whether the Digimon refuses that it makes obedience feel too useless.

    In that case, I was considering trying to shave away the weight other variables have on the refusal equation to make obedience more prominent. I'm not sure which variables to go after, though, and I don't want to completely butcher the mechanic. To that end, when is the Digimon refusing more than you feel makes sense? For example, when eating or when training? Or does it feel pretty much the same? It's possible that mood carries far too much weight in affecting the refusal chance also, so if they feel pretty much the same I'll look into variables those activities both share.

    I like your idea where some Digimon would be more obedient than others. Currently, that is something like how it works, but it's based on personality. The word in the menu that shows you what your Digimon's favorites are describes one of 27 different personalities, which are based on disposition, appetite, and activity level. Disposition is what affects obedience the most, and there are three dispositions a Digimon can have: positive, neutral, or negative. Positive Digimon take a lot longer to become obedient than negative Digimon, but their mood increases much more quickly. On the other hand, negative Digimon increase their mood a lot more slowly, but they become obedient more quickly and also are less likely to refuse battles.

    I like your idea for an item shop! What kind of power ups were you thinking? The card shop is going to essentially be trading card-esque items to use in battle, but looking at other Digimon products or monster raising sims, there are a lot of other item possibilities to consider. For example, items or special food that increase stats, obedience, or mood. Maybe a special food that increases a Digimon's enthusiasm for training to the max? Or even a rare, expensive item that fills out the evolutionary requirements for a certain Digimon. Let me know if you have any thoughts!

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    Came back to this after a while to see how it's gone along. Safe to say I've found little issue with the Pet since I got the newest version. Any problems I have come across Is due to my inexperiance with Digimon's Virtual Pet. (I.E Sickness and Injury handling) When I found out this was moddable I didn't hesitate to get started adding my own line/skin/shell etc. Of course. I did have to remove a few Digimon to fit them in...

    ETA: I've found one issue that the status window doesn't pop up for me when the app starts. I'm not sure if it's been relegated to a new command for opening it or i need to configure something to make it appear.
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