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Thread: Digimon V-Pet fangame for PC (alpha)

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    When you say giving them a bath, do you mean cleaning up their poop?
    Or is a new feature? o:

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    The bath is just an item in the shop. Just tweaking some items here and there when I think of something new. For the bath, I thought it would make sense if it made the Digimon less fatigued, but I didn't want to decrease strength without increasing energy.

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    i was wondering if i could make my own skins and was there a limit to the size lke if i wanted could i make it 4k resolution

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    You can edit all the visual elements in the game by just editing the png files in the resources folder inside the jar. The only issue is that the dimensions of the png files have to remain the same. Some of the images are at a higher scale (like the digimon sprites, which are scaled up to 48x48 from 16x16) to give people some flexibility, but the program is unfortunately dependent on all the dimensions staying the same.

    EDIT: I changed the default keys to avoid interfering with the text fields. I'm working on a separate system for selecting letters in a text field, but the only way I could think to avoid any interference was to create a setting in the config file for whether the keyboard "cursor" is enabled.
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