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Thread: Digimon V-Pet fangame for PC (alpha)

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    Both need to meet the requirements, and both need to be different Digimon. If one doesn't meet the requirements, it should outright refuse to jogress (meaning you shouldn't even reach any connection or IP input field).

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    I wasn't able to open the Debug menu, until i read that i need to use the combination in the menu lmao

    My english isn't so good but, i want to help in the development of this game, seriously, i'm loving it and u have all my support.

    I want to explain something for unexperienced players: If a digimon, for example: Nyaromon, doesn't achieve the requirements to evolve in any of the rookie digimon, it will not die, Nyaromon will evolve in Chuumon in this case

    I'm explaining this cause i was so confused, my Nyaromon wasn't evolving in any of it evolutions, that was because Nyaromon didn't have 23> of DataPower in order to evolve to Gabumon (only 17 DataPower) or the majority of trainings at night to evolve in Renamon. Therefore, even if Nyaromon doesn't have CareMistakes it always evolved in Chuumon

    About the Discipline System: It's a bit frustrating when you start to play and u have no idea of what are you doing, but when you start to understand how it works, you realize that it's a very nice system, 10/10.

    Keep Doing a Good Job!!

    Suggestions (Maybe i could update this with more Suggestions):
    1-I think you should make time stop when you enter in the digievolutions chart and the other menus
    2- You should make the screen of the VPet not draggable, is annoying when doing the data training (Shield Training)

    Edit: Can someone explain me how the Sleep Disturbances work? i had problems with that stat, Leomon need > 0 and i didn't know how to get 1 Sleep Disturbance, i tried awaking my digimon while sleeping but it doesn't seems to work
    Thanks in advance.
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    I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far!

    In terms of stopping time while in menus, would it make more sense to stop time while the clock is set to fast and real-time, or just fast?

    For shield training, are you using a touch screen?

    Sleep disturbances apply for any disturbance of a Digimon's natural sleep. If it's actually napping, any disturbance won't count towards sleep disturbances.

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    I think isn't necessary to stop time in menus with real time clock selected, maybe you only spend 3 or 4 minutes for seeing everything you're searching in the digivolution chart.

    Nope, im using my mouse. What happens is that i want to select the other shield but the screen moves instead of selecting the shield.
    About the SD, now i understand, thank you so much!!

    Btw, idk what was doing my digimon, training, sleeping or battling, but the mood went under negative instantly, it's normal?
    Idk if it's a bug or something but, i need my digimon be happy for the mega evolution requirements and it status doesn't seems to change.

    Also i have a few pictures whit the mood level of my digimon and the icon of mood in the game, the mood was in 120 and the icon of mood in game was a sad face, even with Mood in 120 the CurrentMood of my digimon is "neutral" and not "happy", if u want i can send the pictures to an email. That's all i noticed for now, seriously thanks for taking time to answer.

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    It's hard to say what changed the mood without knowing specifically what happened and in what order things happened. Only a couple things will drop mood so quickly, though, so perhaps that has something to do with it. If the mood isn't showing up as "Depressed" in the debug menu, then the only other possibilities are the mood change when waking up in the morning, if multiple care mistakes occurred at one time, or maybe some combination of these or other behaviors. Unfortunately, the only thing I can suggest is that you keep an eye on the debug menu to see if it happens again.

    If you want to send me the pictures or save files, my email is at the top of the change log text file in the game's folder.

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    Sure, i'll be watching the debug menu then and i'll send you the pictures with my sav. Thank you!!

    *Already sended btw*
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    Thanks for the pictures!

    Looks like what you're comparing with mood is the obedience bar. Mood is represented on the energy menu (the "..." on your 6th screenshot is the mood icon, which corresponds to a neutral mood of 70). It's kind of easy to miss, but I made a visual guide to the game's icons in case you're interested (click here).

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    Oh my god i didn't think in that. Thank you for correcting me!

    Btw, i noticed that the mood of my digimon get down while getting a nap, it's normal? my digimon lose 80 points of mood every time he goes to sleep

    Also i think that the mood get down so fast when the digimon need care, i didn't calculate how much exactly it goes down but is really fast.

    edit: i noticed that the mood also decreases when the time is passing, the digimon is ok and u are doing nothing
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    I haven't been able to reproduce the 80 mood decrease when the Digimon falls asleep. I tried both neutral and happy mood, both napping and normal sleep. The only sleep-related mood decrease happens when the Digimon wakes up. Is the 80 points cumulative for the whole 8-ish hours of sleep, or does it happen all at once?

    From the save file you sent me, it seems like you're using the fastest clock speed. Mood goes down between 1 and 12 every hour (depending on a handful of variables). When the Digimon needs care, it goes down 1 each minute the call signal is on. If the Digimon doesn't like the current temperature, it goes down 3 every 30 minutes. There are a couple other causes of small mood decreases like enthusiasm.

    Since the fastest clock is about 25 times faster than normal, this is all going to happen much faster than originally intended.

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    I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but I just downloaded yesterday, played through at the fastest speed, got to Goblimon. Saved, then exit. Almost 24 hours later when I try to open his save again, he shows up back at his baby/fresh stage, poops, and immediately dies afterward. Is there a reason it's doing this? :u

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