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Thread: Digimon V-Pet fangame for PC (alpha)

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    Thanks for all the feedback! There's a lot of balance issues that still need to be ironed out, but I'll try to explain a bit about what's happening behind the scenes - information I've purposefully obfuscated.

    For instance, injuries and sicknesses decrease total lifespan by 6 hours. Vitamins decrease lifespan by 1 hour. A rookie/child Digimon will try to evolve when it turns 4 (or after 96 hours of elapsed life) and it will have a default lifespan of 6 days (or 144 hours). This means there is a 48 hour cushion protecting the Digimon from dying before it has a chance to evolve. In other words, a Digimon can evolve even if it becomes sick or injured up to 8 times or even if it eats 48 vitamins during the rookie stage alone.

    A champion/adult Digimon will try to evolve when it turns 7 and it will have a default lifespan of 9 days. Like the rookie/child level, this Digimon will also have a 48 hour cushion before it dies. The same is true for ultimate/perfect and mega/ultimate levels. They all get a default, 48 hour cushion.

    Each day you raise a Digimon perfectly, you will receive a bonus of 6 hours to its lifespan. Raising a Digimon perfectly entails keeping it happy and not committing any care mistakes or overfeeding/disturbances/discipline call failures/battle losses (collectively referred to as "mistake days" in-code) for a 24 hour period. In addition, during a 24 hour period if you commit one or more care mistakes and your Digimon is unhappy/depressed, the Digimon will be penalized 6 hours of lifespan.

    When the Digimon eventually dies, the bonuses will be carried over to the next generation. If you raise the Digimon perfectly for a total of 3 days, for example, you will have 3 bonus carried over. Before the Digimon is born, however, the bonus it inherits will be reassessed based on the number of care mistakes, the current stage, discipline, happiness, win rate, total battles, and total power.

    Each care mistake lowers the bonus by 1, and being unhappy on death will lower it by one again. The higher the Digimon's stage, the greater the bonus increase, which ranges between just 1 to 3. High discipline, happiness, and win rate also increases bonus by 1. High power and battles depends on the stage, with each stage requiring a certain threshold to achieve a bonus.

    When the next generation starts, the bonus will be multiplied by 6 and added to the Digimon's total lifespan. Total lifespan is never reset after evolution but is added onto.

    I've intentionally hidden this information because I believe it fosters the illusion of life in the pet.

    So to go over some of your feedback/questions:

    1) I'm not sure I understand your question. Do you mean when the Digimon becomes fatigued? Fatigue will wear off after 1 hour, but it wearing off won't affect strength hearts any differently. It will still decrease to 12 from 13 like normal after an hour. Or are you talking about putting the Digimon to sleep by turning off the lights early? In which case, the first hour of induced sleep should decrease strength to 3 if above 4. This could also be affected by personality. Depending on your Digimon's personality, sometimes strength will decrease by 2 in an hour instead or might not decrease at all.

    2) Not as of yet. But it's something I could add to the config file later.

    3) There's a chance that the Digimon's personality will change when it becomes an adult/champion, which is affected by how the Digimon was raised. Personalities are also intentionally obfuscated, but what you're experiencing is likely due to a positive disposition turning into a negative disposition instead of neutral.

    A serious personality has a negative disposition, which means the Digimon receives less mood in general. Praising increases mood less, for example, and scolding decreases mood more. On the other hand, discipline increases more. A positive disposition from the playful personality will cause mood to increase much more, but discipline to increase much less. To increase mood more than usual, you can try praising when you would normally scold. This will decrease discipline more than usual, but being a serious personality it shouldn't be difficult to recover any discipline lost.

    5) Burnout has to do with when hunger decreases from 1 to 0 when training. When hunger is above 1, it decreases by 1 with each training game, but it won't decrease more if hunger reaches 1 heart until burnout reaches 10.

    6) The eye indicates how close the Digimon is to waking up/falling asleep. The icon changes based on the combination of sleepLapse/awakeLapse and sleepLimit/awakeLimit.

    Some changes I can think of would be to give a bigger cushion to the default total lifespan (for example, an additional 3 days instead of 2) or increase the bonus from 6 to 12 hours.
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    Hi, again. I apologize for the time it took me to reply to your answer. On the time it took you to reply to my post, i actually did a lot of testing and trying the mechanics and i got to say that i have changed my opinion since my last post.

    Looking back, its just a matter of undestanding the importance of mood, health and dicipline, In that order, getting to know what your partner likes and actually how to work with that. Then, you just need to stablish a work out rutine for it that exploits this things.

    What i did was this: Since my digimon's favorite part of the day was morning i decided to do the bulk of my training in the morning, provided my partner was happy and diciplined, so i kept the most of my energy bar full and went to do the trainings taking a pill first, keeping in mind fatigue and taking one hour naps in beetwen training periods.

    With the remaining of the day and the energy i takle the dungeon to get some fights under its belt and when the energy its down and the tiredness has neared its peak, usually near to night time, i put him to sleep as much as it can to recover the most energy possible to be ready for the morning. All of this keeping an eye to its happiness levels.

    Rinse and repeat and you will get a nicely trained, happy and ready to evolve digimon partner. Like this, i can put out 35-50 trainings and 6-12 battles a day.
    As it is now, i can finally relax and really explore the dungeon. I have already gone as far as 6000 steps into the first zone with my metalgreymon and so far it has been not difficult nor easy provided i have trained what was needed to evolve and rest between fights to recover vitality whenever i thought enemies started to be taxing.

    Also, when you look at the evolve windows and lifespan of the digimons, i'd say you can pretty much meet evolve requirements with ease even with a few sickness or injuries as long as you are not too unlucky or just plain uncaring of what your digimon likes and needs. In this regard, maybe it will be good to add evolve % to the diferent evolution lvls and abit more incentive to reach them. Like bonus to stats with each lvl etc. and scale dungeons accordingly.

    All of this into account, i really think the core mechanics of the vpet are sound and the values are fine as they are now. Looking into things and undestanding things, ive come to apreciate how much detail and how much depth you put into this vpet. I think this is a simple game that has a lot of depth to it and must be one of best digimon "pet simulators" there is (fan made or original really). The thing is, one must really put attention to what your digimon likes and take effort to understand the mechanic for it.

    All in all, as i said, i dont feel the need to tune the core mechanics anymore, in my opinion, its just a matter of pointing out in the guide that the game tries to be a simulator and as such you really need to actually take the time to care for your pet and think about the best method to do this. I would point out more the importance in keeping the mood of your digimon happy and explaining the natures and what they do a bit more. Also, i belive tiredness and sleep lapse are very little explained in the guide and they can be confusing. Heck maybe a short tutorial would be awsome O_O.

    In the long run, i want to start a few more digimons and raise them without debug window and no savescumming, some dungeoneering and get back to you with the feedback but i can see this being a very good and (as i said complete and somewhat complex) digimon vpet simulator and this would be what sets this apart from the other digimon vpets out there. I would love to see you add items from dungeons, the shop, tourneys and some more dungeons to explore with varing lvls of dificulty and you are golden i think. Also, any plan to add a way to "store" passed away digimons that you have raised to battle a little per day (somewhat like you could do it in the digimon unlimited app)?

    Well, this is my two cents and i hope this helps you to make a great game but this feels pretty great already to me. Thanks you very much man, i apreciate it...

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    Hi. Your download link seems dead.
    I want to download your game.
    I would appreciate it if you send me a new link or your game.

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    I discovered a problem! As I trained my Digimon in the Vaccine attribute 10 times, I saw that it didn't change at all! I even kept track of how many times I trained in Vaccine. Can you please fix it?

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    The vaccine number in the status menu should only increase every 25 points, which follows how often the attack sprite changes. It's only designed to give players a general idea of how far they've come instead of leaving everything up to guesswork like the original vpets. I'm not sure if the pdf guide is up to date though.

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    Thank you for the upgrades We'd love to receive them frequently D:

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    Also. Is there a chance that this game is going to have it's own Discord or any main server for Hamachi or any other VPN could be used for the multiplayer?

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