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Thread: Digimon V-Pet fangame for PC (alpha)

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    Hm. I tried testing this using these settings and killed my Digimon after an hour of playtime. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to catch any bugs. Could you describe the freezing issue a bit more to give me an idea of possible causes?

    Was it brief or did it prevent further progression in the game? Was the program completely unresponsive or was the Digimon's sprite just stuck? If the program wasn't unresponsive, did you manage to kickstart the sprite by changing to a different menu?

    Do you happen to still have the save file from before the program froze? If you do and have tried running it again, do you experience the same issue? Also, if you have the save file from before the freeze occurred, could you send it to me? You can find my email address in the changelog txt file.
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