A radio show is going to have tri. guests... well, more than they normally have...

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AG-On Radio is a radio show hosted every Saturday by voice actors Natsuki Hanae (Taichi in tri.) and Rina Hidaka (probably best known as Urara in Food Wars, Last Order in the Index franchise, and Silica in Sword Art Online.)

Every week they have on voice actors and other personalities to join them to discuss anime and game related news and information.

Each program has a few different segments, including but not limited to:
They open with anime and game related news of the week.
A big segment with the guests, which is a focus of the show.
Hanae Vs Hidaka: Flash Battle- A segment where both hosts debate various topics and fans can vote on Twitter who they agree with.
Various music recommendations and news items they find funny.

The show begins at 9pm (Japan time) on September 9th (a bit over 11 hours from this post.)

This weeks guests will look familiar!

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Ayumi Miyazaki, AiM, and Hitomi Yoshida! They've also teased a few other guests may show up...

They'll be discussing tri. part 5, their thoughts on the new ED, Aikotoba, along with a few other unannounced Digimon topics.

The Digimon Music producer also chimed in, pointing out people could email questions to be asked on the show.

The radio stream appears to be geolocked, but you're welcome to try when the show begins if you want.

A preview, further information, and pre-orders for Aikotoba can be found here.

Thanks to shin for the heads up and translations.