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Thread: tri. and Appmon Art from October Animedia, Update- Otomedia Preview

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    tri. and Appmon Art from October Animedia, Update- Otomedia Preview

    It's Animedia time again!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    First up is Digimon Adventure tri. with an image I don't believe we even had a preview of.

    It's a very cute image of Hikari, Meiko, Tailmon, and Meicoomon.

    They appear to be on an Agumon themed blanket.

    Then we have the full Appmon image we had a preview of a week ago

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Haru, Gatchmon, and Yuujin!

    Haru looks cool, Gatchmon looks pleased, and Yuujin looks... let's say dramatic.

    Update- Thanks to onkei we have a translation of the Appmon bits. Spoiler tagging all of it just in case for people who don't want to see it.

    --In episode 48, it's revealed that Yuujin is not human. What purpose was he made for?
    Yuujin is a necessary player piece that Leviathan prepared ahead of time for the "Human Application Project." Leviathan was wary of the researcher who developed the AI Minerva, Shinkai Denemon, who also happens to be Haru's grandfather, so since Haru is from that family, it sent Yuujin to Haru in order to monitor him. Haru and Yuujin meet in elementary school and develop their friendship. The researcher that lives with Yuujin transfers his AI into the bodies that were prepared in order to make it appear as if Yuujin is growing bit by bit, so no one realized the truth, not even Haru.
    --Is Haru just an object of surveillance to Yuujin? Or did he really feel friendship towards him?
    He is an object of surveillance. The first order that Yuujin received from Leviathan was "Gain Haru's trust." I believe that Leviathan wanted to control Haru by making Yuujin his best friend. As for the other question, if I answer that, it will be a complete spoiler, so please watch how it develops on-air instead. (laughs) All I can say is that I don't think the calculations of the AI who surpasses humanity = Leviathan, will crumble that easily.
    --Haru is currently really depressed right now, but will he be able to stand up once more...?
    Haru, at the beginning, was a boy who merely admired "protagonists." But now that Haru has gone through and conquered so many trials, he's grown into a wonderful "protagonist" himself. The shock from being betrayed by Yuujin is indeed huge, but I'm sure that he will be greatly active once more.
    --What should we be looking forward to in the last battle?
    The God Appmon that appeared in episode 48 is on a different scale than Ultimate Appmons in both strength and size. The battle against the God Appmons who are over 100 meters tall, as well as the enormous Leviathan who's big enough to cover the skies, will be shown on the biggest scale scope of the series. This action scene will be a huge flashy one that can rightfully be claimed as the climax. Please also watch Haru's growth and transformation, as well as the relationship between humans and AI which is the theme of the story. I'm sure that will help to enjoy it even deeper.

    Thanks to C-MC for the heads up about the tri. image. We aren't sure who scanned the images yet, but will update when we have that information.

    Update- Otomedia has posted a preview of their tri. spread from their new issue.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    It looks like there is no fancy art spread, rather they are using various screenshots.

    They do mention Natsuki Hanae (Taichi) and Daisuke Namikawa (Nishijima) as a focus of the spread.

    The previous thread with a preview of the Appmon art is here.
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    I can see Yuujin saying:
    Quote Originally Posted by Yuzin Ohzora
    Y'all wanted me to be a robot, act gay around Haru and get nearly killed 52 times.. Do you think it's even fair? I hate you!
    I hope that those images have some info for the next movie/episodes.

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    I come from the net CloneWarrior's Avatar
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    Did we ever get the full art from the September Animedia?

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    Yuujin's expression here looks killer. Really gives off the vibe that he's nonredeemable at this point. Haru's too. nice seeing him so confident like this. The overall image really shows how the two ended up compared to how they began at the start of the series.

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    Updated the news with a translation of the Appmon bits thanks to onkei!

    Quote Originally Posted by CloneWarrior View Post
    Did we ever get the full art from the September Animedia?
    I believe there were some photos, but I don't recall seeing the full art via nice scans, but I was quite busy at the time and no one sent them. I'll look around for it in a bit though when I have some time, see if I can find them.
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    One spread makes me scream for joy how cute it is. Seeing Meiko so happy is so wonderful. I hope she'll be happy again someday!!!

    THe other one breaks my heart. Appmon has completely crushed me. I haven't even read the translations of appmon and I've heard those are worse. I feel I've lost hope of ever being happy again...

    *Looks back at tri. spread* MEIKO IS SO CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!!!!

    EDIT: My tablet broke and I would usually just edit these myself. But can someone clean up the text around Meiko so i can use that as a avatar? I would really appreciate it.
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    Digimon Adventure tri. part 6, Our Future!
    Coming out May 5th, Children's Day!
    [Art by http://dejitarugeeto02.tumblr.com/]

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    I come from the net
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    Again like Haruko, I thin the Meiko (and Kari) picture is really cute. But wow. Appmon sure is a good series. Poor Haru. Thanks OnKei.

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    Completely digital salman332's Avatar
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    Leviathan, the epithome of the statement "Size does matter."

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    The girls look adorable

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    Quote Originally Posted by NekoHaruko
    Wrong quote
    You asked for an avatar of it right? How's this?

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