We found out about this a couple weeks ago...

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The second volume of the Digimon Universe: AppliMonsters manga is scheduled for release on October 4th for 400 yen.

This volume contains the second half of the manga series, including it's end.

The Digimon Universe: AppliMonsters manga was by Naoki Akamine.

The image above isn't the cover (as far as we know), just a stand in for the moment.

We don't currently know if there will be a bonus item included, like the card with Volume 1.

It can be pre-ordered right now (CDJapan affiliate link.)

Digimon Universe: AppliMonsters Manga Volume 2

Digimon Universe: AppliMonsters Manga Volume 1 is also still available to order. We did a full breakdown of Volume 1 when it came out.

At the moment there is no news on if Appmon Gakuen, the Appmon manga that ran in Saikyo Jump will get a volume collection.