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Thread: tri. Part 5 Spoilers

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    tri. Part 5 Spoilers

    Since spoilers are likely to be showing up sooner rather than later. We needed a thread!

    Please keep any spoilers to this thread.

    Do not start posting until an airing has happened or with stuff that is already in news threads

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    The portuguese spoilers are here:


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    As I understand it: Still no trace or mention of Daisuke and Co.

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    Well, if Taichi and Nishijima have been killed for good then I would guess the most likely scenario is the 02 kids are dead for good too. And if Taichi and Nishijima are brought back from death then maybe the 02 kids will be brought back alongside them?

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    Hi! I am portuguse and a brief resume:
    Ophanimon Falldown + Meicrackmon Mega FUSE
    Kari has a virus that makes the Ophanimon digivolution happen. (after tai and Nishijima fall/die)
    Bassicaly no answers again, so I think its not worth to translate all.
    Omnimon battles, Aplhamon appears too agains jessmon
    No mention of 02, Jessmon Apeears and fight meicrackmon who then shinka. He tries to shoot her with the laser that makes a big cratere and taichi and nishijima fall (die?) only the googles are left.
    Yamato uses the googles and say something like "we need to move on, lets go and finish this" and the movie finish

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    General rule of thumb: If there's no visible corpse and/or no funeral... they'll be back.
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    I can't see Tai dying. I guess I will wait and see. I wish I never read the spoilers now :/

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    And here's da translation!
    Quote Originally Posted by Digimon Adventure tri. Chapter 5 "Symbiosis"
    As soon as the first 5 minutes end, the movie starts directly after the end of "Lost" with a flashback after a brief opening.
    Then the scene goes back to the boat, where Meiko wakes up and tries to call Meicrackmon from behind, but she attacks her (The Chosen Children arrived just at that moment and Taichi saves her from her)
    Meicrackmon escapes to another place.
    While the Chosen Children stay in the Digital World, Meicrackmon is in the real world (along with other Digimon) and start wrecking chaos around the world.
    In the Digital World, Yggdrassil starts doing some things with the Chosen Children, making them think that the world is rejecting them.
    After a bit of rain, the children end up being trapped in one of the distortions and end up returning to the Real World.
    Being there, the public is already aware of the Digimon and obviously reject them.
    Even the police is after the Chosen Children after seeing their Digimon.
    The Digimon escape to Koushiro's server while they're arrested and brought to a small interrogatory.
    They learn about the current state of the Real World.
    Since Himekawa is missing, Nishijima takes her role and goes to save the children.
    Nishijima takes them to the school because their houses are being seized by the press of the staff (?).
    And they spend the night there.
    They start telling horror stories (read: the funny part). One talks about Taichi and Meiko and then Agumon with Meiko (the funniest Digimon part)
    The next day,, Meicrackmon appears and everyone goes to fight her.
    Everyone goes to Perfect but they can't defeat her, so everyone (bar Angewomon) goes to Mega.
    Jesmon also appears trying to eliminate Meicrackmon but then she evolves to Raguelmon.
    Then Alphamon goes to the kids to fight Jesmon.
    Taichi and Yamato join forces to form Omegamon and fight Raguelmon.
    Here comes a moment where Jesmon starts charging a shot to Raguelmon.
    The laser ends up hitting the public and opens a big crater.
    Maiko runs trying to avoid the shot (Taichi and Yamaeto are behind her) but with the shot and the craters (?), Taichi talks to Omegamon to protect the others and forget him.
    The ground beings to get destroye while he falls, Nishijima tries to save him but in the end both of them fall. (Leaving only Taichi's glasses behind)
    Hikari gets shocked and ends up activating an internal "virus" than ends up affecting Nyaromon.
    She then evolves straight to Ophanimon Falldown Mode.
    However, Raguelmon also has the same virus and end up fusing, forming a monster that rises in the clouds (The one that we saw in the trailer)
    Yamato takes the lead (and even wears Taichi's glasses) and tells everyone to stand up and move on.

    No mention of the 02 kids as always.
    We get a LITTLE bit of info about Garfield's past
    Mei's father tried to find more about Meicoomon and only coused problems, so it's kinda conected to the thing.
    The film's tense from start to end.
    Whatever happens to Hikari will be solved in the final film.
    Taichi and Daigo are DEAD (Translator note: I think this might give us an idea on what happened to the 02 kids)
    It has the same pattern as other movies, it only has more action.
    Sorry if the translation is off
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    It appears as with all the other times, there is a healthy dose of opinion and/or the person's own interpretation of events stated as 'what happened' rather than the literal events that unfolded onscreen.
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    Sorry but the virus thing sound very Stupid.

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