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Thread: tri. Part 5 Spoilers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Velocifaptor View Post
    I'm sorry, but that just sounds downright offensive. He's a stereotypical tsundere, so he's not gonna show his emotions. But deep down he too is mourning Taichi, more than anyone in fact. However, he knows that this is no time to be wallowing in sadness. He is gonna finish his best friend's unfinished job. It's what Taichi would have wanted, after all, assuming that he is actually dead.
    Stereotypical tsunderes are better known by being cold, hostile and impulsive but not reserved. No offense but I don't think you completely know what a Tsundere is. They are not the kind of people that doesn't show their emotions. In any case, stereotypical kuuderes are the reserved ones. I haven't watched the movie yet so I can't assume he's deeply mourning Taichi's loss but as of now I got to understand it is not that way.

    It's actually ironic given Yamato is the one to accuse Taichi (when he tells everyone to move on back then in Adventure) saying Taichi is insensitive, lack of delicacy and tends to take things lightly but this time it seems Yamato is the one acting that way towards everyone upon Taichi's death. Either way, this is just my viewpoint on the spoilers. We have to watch the movie to find out who is the one at right and who is the one at wrong.
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    Jay is not to be bugged for further info. It is only a couple of weeks until it airs.

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