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Thread: Digimon Master Online Dungeon

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    Digimon Master Online Dungeon

    Hey guys! I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong section.. I would like to ask about the Dungeons on EDG/BDG/ZDG. Does anybody have guide on that? I tried to played solo on both BDG and ZDG (Easy Pass) but somehow I got KO-ed so suddenly from full HP. Also, I tried ZDG with my friends, same thing happened. Is it because of the time (I heard there's only 7 mins to kill). I've seen YouTube and it seems that they don't use skill and much of attack,stop,attack,stop (vice versa). Anybody can advise? Thanks!

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    I play this game and can solo these. Do you still play? What server are you on? I can show you how to do them. They are really easy.

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