Time for another rental DVD!

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The 7th Appmon rental DVD will be available in Japanese rental shops on September 2nd (this Saturday.)

The cover features Astra and Mediamon from the 2nd retail Appmon DVD-Box.

This rental disc contains Appmon episodes 20 thru 22, which is in line with the 3rd disc from Appmon DVD-Box 2.

And since we are talking about content from Appmon DVD-Box 2...

It was released a couple months ago and we did a detailed breakdown of the contents, including scans, screencaps, and various technical details.

Appmon DVD-Box 2 is still available to purchase (Affiliate links.)
Appmon DVD-Box 2, episodes 14 thru 25.

Box 1 is also still available, along with pre-orders for boxes 3 and 4.
Appmon DVD-Box 1, episodes 1 thru 13
Appmon DVD-Box 3, episodes 26 thru 37, October 3rd, 2017
Appmon DVD-Box 4, episodes 38 thru 52, January 6th, 2018.