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Thread: Results of Digimon Fan Questionnaire, Plus Cast Answers

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    Results of Digimon Fan Questionnaire, Plus Cast Answers

    Prior to DigiFes 2017, a number of questions were asked for Digimon fans to answer about Digimon Adventure tri.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    These answers were given live on stage at DigiFes and they've finally posted them all up for everyone to see.

    In addition, the cast chimed in for them.

    For ones that the entire cast answered, they listed their names along with their answer.

    For questions about scenes, they seemingly only gave the 'cast' answers for the top choices. For these, photos of the characters the cast play are included next to the choices they voted for.

    Yoshimasa Hosoya was not at the event due to his work hiatus due to his health.

    The 9th (and last) question was cut from DigiFes due to time concerns, but is included.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)
    1. The Most Interesting Scene

    1st- Jou-senpai has a girlfriend!?
    2nd- Yamato's line during the creepy-cute contest
    3rd- Leomon falling for Meicoomon

    Cast members:
    1st- Oedo hot springs!
    2nd- Leomon falling for Meicoomon
    3rd- Agumon appearing on the river!?
    4th- Jou-senpai has a girlfriend!?

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    2. The Line That Left the Strongest Impression On You

    1st- Taichi: "If we wait for "someday", we'll end up becoming adults!"
    2nd- Gomamon: "I'm here!"
    3rd- HerculesKabuterimon: "Open your eyes!"

    Cast members:
    1st- Taichi: "If we wait for "someday", we'll end up becoming adults!"
    2nd (tie)- Patamon: "If I get violent...finish me off."
    2nd (tie)- Gabumon: "Yamato... kun"

    Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom)
    3. Which Character Did You Want to Root For the Most?

    1st- Koushiro
    2nd- Tentomon (HerculesKabuterimon), Meiko (and Meicoomon)

    Cast members:
    Hanae- Koushiro
    Sakamoto- Agumon
    Mimori- Koushiro
    Shigematsu- Sora, Daigo
    Yamaguchi- Koushiro
    Tamura- Koushiro, Tentomon
    Sakurai- Taichi
    Yoshida- Koushirou, Mimi
    Yamada- Meiko
    Enoki- Leomon
    Matsumoto- Sora
    Ikeda- Tailmon
    Takeuchi- Palmon
    M.A.O- Koushiro
    Tokumitsu- Meiko, Meicoomon
    Arakawa- Daigo
    Morishita- Koushiro

    Image Thumbnail (custom)
    4. The Most Shocking Scene

    1st- Meicoomon destroys Leomon!
    2nd- The Kaiser transforms into Gennai!!
    3rd- Jou-senpai has a girlfriend!?

    Cast members:
    1st- KOD!!
    1st- The Reboot will erase the Digimons' memories...
    1st- Meicoomon destroys Leomon!
    1st- Leomon falling for Meicoomon

    Image Thumbnail (custom)
    5. The Most Touching Scene

    1st- HerculesKabuterimon's fight scene
    2nd- Patamon confessing that it was infected
    3rd- "I'm here now." "I was waiting!" Gomamon's Ultimate evolution

    Cast members:
    1st- When Butter-fly started playing in the first movie
    1st- Patamon confessing that it was infected
    2nd- HerculesKabuterimon's fight scene

    Image Thumbnail (custom)
    6. The Scene That Best Portrayed the Digimon's Cuteness

    1st- Gomamon: "I'm here!"
    2nd- The Digimon bugging Leomon [to bring them to the festival]
    3rd- The reunion with the Digimon after the Reboot

    Cast members:
    1st- The Digimon trying to create memories before the Reboot
    2nd- The Digimon bugging Leomon [to bring them to the festival]
    3rd- The Digimon within cyberspace

    Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom)
    7. If You Were to Express 'Digimon' in Just 2 Kanji?

    1st- 青春 Seishun: Youth
    2nd- 人生 Jinsei: (Human) Life
    3rd- 冒険 Bouken: Adventure

    Cast members:
    Hanae- 冒険 Bouken: Adventure
    Sakamoto- 進化 Shinka: Evolution
    Mimori- 仲間 Nakama: Friends
    Shigematsu- 影響 Eikyou: Influence
    Yamaguchi- 初心 Shoshin: Beginning
    Tamura- 努力 Doryoku: Effort
    Sakurai- 冒険 Bouken: Adventure
    Yoshida- 冒険 Bouken: Adventure
    Yamada- 多謝 Tasha: Many Thanks
    Enoki- 変化 Henka: Change
    Matsumoto- 青春 Seishun: Youth
    Ikeda- 至宝 Shihou: Something most valuable
    Takeuchi- 集結 Shuuketsu: Gathering
    M.A.O- 不変 Fuhen: Never-changing/愛情 Aijou: Love
    Tokumitsu- 仲間 Nakama: Friends
    Arakawa- 永遠 Eien: Eternity/感動 Kandou: Emotional/青春 Seishun: Youth
    Morishita- 相棒 Aibou: Partner

    Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom)
    8. Which Character Do You Think Has Grown the Most?

    1st- Taichi
    2nd- Jou, Takeru

    Cast members:
    Hanae- Takeru
    Sakamoto- Takeru
    Mimor- Takeru
    Shigematsu- Taichi
    Yamaguchi- Takeru
    Tamura- Tentomon
    Sakurai- Taichi
    Yoshida- Jou
    Yamada- Takeru
    Enoki- Takeru
    Matsumoto- Taichi
    Ikeda- Jou
    Takeuchi- Agumon
    M.A.O- Takeru
    Tokumitsu- Meiko
    Arakawa- Koushiro
    Morishita- Jou

    Image Thumbnail (custom)
    9. The Coolest Scene
    1st- Fight scene between Omegamon and Alphamon
    2nd- HerculesKabuterimon's fight scene
    3rd- "I'm here now." "I was waiting!" Gomamon's Ultimate evolution

    Cast members:
    1st- HerculesKabuterimon's fight scene
    2nd- Agumon and Gabumon diving into the ocean [to save Taichi and Yamato]
    2nd- Fight scene between Omegamon and Alphamon

    Lots of fun stuff, even if quite a few of the responses seem expected (although there's a good surprise or two in there.)

    Thanks to garm for translating.
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    I appreciate the images done for the questions. I like the Kanji Question the most.

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    Joe has a girlfriend???

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    lol Have you not watched the movie? Im still shocked xD

    Hoping maybe dating an older first gen digidestined?

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    Why does Meiko wear her black frames from the first movie on those pictures? She didn't get her Tsukishima uniform until the second movie and she already got her red frames at that point.

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    Those are some funny answers. Poor Joe. No one remembered that one movie? ...I think that was what happened.

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