There's going to be another Ayumi Miyazaki music event this year.

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A sequel to the event in January, "Ayumi Miyazaki Live 2017 -Show you my brave hearts Volume 2" will be a two part music event on November 25th.

The event will feature two different Ayumi Miyazaki performances at Shibuya THE GAME.

The first (afternoon session) will be at 2:30pm (doors open at 2pm) and be a Talk Show with a mini acoustic concert.

The second (night session) will be at 6:30pm (doors open at 6pm) and be a 'one man singing' show with a band doing the music while he sings.

Three types of tickets will be available to order at Mojostore:
A Ticket- Afternoon session. 3,500 yen advance, 4,000 yen same day.
B Ticket- Night session. 4,500 yen advance, 5,000 yen same day.
S Ticket- Both sessions. 9,000 yen advance, 9,500 yen same day.

The handling fee for purchasing a ticket will be 600 yen and will not include drinks at the venue.

S Tickets will have advance orders between September 2nd and the 15th, opening and ending at 6pm.
A/B Tickets will be orderable between September 22nd and October 29th, also at 6pm.

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S Tickets also include entry to an autograph session after the afternoon session, along with a glow stick and silicon band (the images they use are noted to be placeholders.)

All the tickets will feature artwork from Kenji Watanabe, and the design will 'match' with the tickets from the first 'Show you my brave hearts' event from earlier this year.

The afternoon event will have seats, while the night event will be standing.

In addition it appears S ticket holders will receive priority over A/B tickets.

The main event will be on the second floor, but there will apparently be some sort of free seating on the first floor (the concert/club venue is on the second floor, so we aren't currently sure how this will work, me and garm looked into it, but just not sure.)

Thanks to garm for translated details.