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Thread: tri. Part 4 Digest Version Released

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    tri. Part 4 Digest Version Released

    With a little over a month until tri. Part 5 is released, people might want a little refresher.

    Luckily, with a bit over a month to go Toei has released the digest version of Digimon Adventure tri. Part 4.

    Like previous tri. digests this one is 3 minutes.

    Toei has generally put these out right before each new part of tri. to act as a quick refresher.

    We expect the tri. Part 4 digest to be on the Part 5 home video release.

    If the embed doesn't work, here is a link to the video.
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    Alternative (joke) title: How to spoil a movie in 3 minutes

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    Better: tri. in a Nutshell

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    lol They didn't even show Seraphimon. That's how irrelevant Patamon going to ultimate was in the movie.

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