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  • Etemon Arc

    7 12.96%
  • Vamdemon Arc

    30 55.56%
  • Dark Masters Arc

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  • Kaiser Arc

    6 11.11%
  • Archemon Arc

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  • Dark Seeds Arc

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Thread: How Would You Rank the "Adventure" Arcs?

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    I'm a Maniac DBxDigimon_fan's Avatar
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    Thumbs Up How Would You Rank the "Adventure" Arcs?

    I was thinking about this after I'd finished watching Adventure & 02 in order to watching it immediately following into Tri. Digimon Adventure has a lot of different story arcs, one after the other that honestly can be clearly defined; particularly season 1. I thought about which arcs were my favourite after I'd seen them all back to back. And so I thought this would be a good discussion for everyone to share how they felt about all the story arcs Adventure has to offer.

    Digimon Adventure has four main story arcs:
    - Devimon Arc
    - Etemon Arc
    - Vamdemon Arc
    - Dark Masters Arc

    Digimon Adventure 02 has three main story arcs:
    - Kaiser Arc
    - Archnemon Arc
    - Dark Seeds/Oikawa Arc

    I was gonna do Digimon Adventure Tri and split it up into two arcs (before reboot/1st three movies & after reboot/last three movies) but it quickly occurred to me Tri isn't even finished yet. So I figured we could leave Tri out entirely, but if you feel strongly about the first half of Tri without having seen the ending go for it.

    I would rank them like this:

    Dark Seeds/Oikawa Arc
    Archnemon Arc
    Devimon Arc
    Kaiser Arc
    Vamdemon Arc
    Dark Masters Arc
    Etemon Arc

    Dark Seeds/Oikawa Arc

    This is my absolute favourite arc in all of Digimon at the moment, save for the completion of Tri. I liked all the transformations and the fights more than any of the others in the series' (Although Alphamon vs Omegamon is definitely up there with some of the best of these fights). I love all the connections to the past: The history of Iroi's dad, connection with Oikawa, connection with Vamdemon's defeat, connection with the first season, an early history of digimon; all of it. It really gave a fuller picture of all the things revealed about digimon and the world they live in, as well as each of the characters. And the final fight was awesome, watching all those chosen children come together and help defeat Vamdemon once and for all and coming to their senses not letting darkness control them. Oikawa's death was sad, but only from Pipimon's perspective. Oikawa's overall story was tragic but the guy lost his mind even before Vamdemon took over. And seeing all of the different transformations in one place, even if they could only exist in that manifestation world, was one of the coolest things I can recall from watching digimon; as a kid or as an adult. And that GIGA DEATH blast at the end. Awesome. And of course, this was the arc that brought the ending to the Adventure story as a whole. Its the ultimate happy ending, just as homeostasis wished it to be. And the ending had finality, which is rare to see anymore tbh.

    Etemon Arc
    Now, just because this arc is at the bottom of the list does NOT mean I hated it nor does it mean I even disliked it at all. I loved it in fact! I just love the other arcs more, that's all. I thought this arc was the most light hearted and had the most exaggerated humour, but it was complimented with some of the most suspenseful scenes in the series; suspenseful because at this point they're not all-powerful like they were all the time after this but rather were quite vulnerable and Etemon could have wasted them easily head-on if they had been caught by him any sooner than he did at the pyramid. Plus, this arc ended with an exclamation point, with Taichi & MetalGreymon getting sent through a black hole of sorts to the real world. Their day there was a nice break from all the action accentuated with humour. Plus, it was interesting to see how the rest of the chosen children fared after they were all split up; which went awesome in the end because most of their digimon evolved to Perfect which as a kid was exciting because it was new and stuff lol

    Everything else falls in between and are all awesome for their own reasons. I really enjoyed the story and action of Tri's first half. I'm just bored waiting for Kyousei to come out. I can only imaging how excruciating the wait will be for movie #6. Had it not been for Tri, I'd probably have never signed up to this website and found out so many internet people hate Adventure 02 to such an intensity lol And of course I'd have likely left Digimon in the past as a mere childhood memory. So here's to Digimon Adventure Tri for bringing Digimon back to life even if only briefly! Haha
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    Quote Originally Posted by DBxDigimon_fan View Post
    Oikawa's death was sad, but only from Pipimon's perspective. Oikawa's overall story was tragic but the guy lost his mind even before Vamdemon took over.
    hey you gotta admit you'd kidnap a bunch of kids too if it meant going to the digital world.
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    Man, this is tough...

    1. Etemon Arc
    This isn't to say that Etemon is the most compelling villain character (I mean, he's probably the weakest) but he still managed to feel like enough of a threat by virtue of his level; nobody had achieved Ultimate/Perfect at that point, so there was a constant edge of tension in every encounter. Plus, unlike the Devimon arc, all of the children are primarily together, which led to a lot of really interesting interpersonal dynamics in addition to their crest discoveries. The culmination of Greymon finally achieving Ultimate as MetalGreymon provided a solid finisher, and an interesting cliffhanger to boot.

    2. Myotismon Arc
    Although splitting the kids up repeatedly gets annoying, this arc did a great job with its pervading sense of mystery; why is Sora sneaking around behind everybody's back? Is Gatomon really evil? Who's the 8th kid? Most of the answers seem really obvious in retrospect but watching everything play out in real time made each and every twist really satisfying. And then, of course, when Myotismon kicks it you KNOW he's just not done yet. Plus the fog invading the real world felt true to life in the way people reacted to having all communication cut off.

    3. Oikawa Arc
    This arc managed to juggle basically every character and still do it well while focusing on the 02 kids; wrapping in the dueling WarGreymon plots, globe-trotting, and a hell of an endgame twist. Minus points for the distracting Daemon subplot, even though we got some cool fight scenes out of it. Demon Corps for tri.!

    4. Devimon Arc
    OG, yo. It's an excellent opening to a great series. My biggest complaint is how they all get split up at one point, which unfortunately would be a trend. But getting to know each of the characters paired with some excellent (digital) world building make it an awesome foundation.

    5. Emperor Arc
    It had the tough job of both introducing new characters while not neglecting the old ones, and mostly succeeded by presenting a challenge only they could overcome. The Dark Rings were a little bit rehashed from the Dark Gears of Season 1, but having a human opponent certainly kept things interesting.

    6. Dark Masters Arc
    The Dark Masters by themselves were stupidly cool villains (and it got way darker than I was expecting!) but the pacing was all over the place. Tai and Matt's fight mid-arc felt pointless, and the literal deus ex machina of an ending was... eh. Apocalymon as the secret boss of it all was nice though.

    7. Arukenimon Arch
    I liked the idea of non-Digimon Digimon being derived from Control Spires, and BlackWarGreymon's introduction remains one of the best moments of the series (even a lot of television in general), but it mostly just felt like they were killing time. BlackWarGreymon going for each Destiny Stone was such a slog.

    Bonus movie rankings!
    1. Our War Game
    2. Diaboromon Strikes Back
    3. Hurricane Touchdown
    4. Adventure
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    Etemon, Vamdemon, and Arachnemon are probably my favorite arcs. They're the ones with the most character growth, and definitely my favorite moments.

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    I'm a Maniac
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    It's got to go to Myotismon. We've got a charismatic yet threatening villain (Devimon was neither, Etemon was both but...not in the right way), raising the stakes by bringing the action to the Real World and seeing character development from each of the kids as they adjust to their families getting involved. It was good stuff and definitive of the series.

    Dark Masters kept the momentum going fairly well, even if it was let down by a few awkward problems and Apocalymon being a load of nothing. Etemon and Emperor were both good, Devimon was kind of average and everything beyond Emperor kind of falls apart, though not without their moments. The World Tour was a highlight.

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    Red shirt DazzleDream's Avatar
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    Vamdemon hands down for me. Good variations in the locations, interesting episodes with the crest episodes that developed the characters' personalities more, and more perfects.

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    For me it's the Alkunimon arc since it introduced the first anti-hero plot to the franchise: BlackWarGreymon's question of life.
    I am a Digimon fan who was an Elementary Schooler during WarGreymon era,
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    and a college student during ZekeGreymon era.

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    Forgive the use of original terminology but American dub episode titles.

    I rank the Adventure arcs like this:

    1.) Vamdemon: Memorable for bringing the conflict to the Human World, the resolution to Koushiro's character arc, and the stretch run of "Flower Power" to "The Battle for Earth".

    2.) Dark Masters: I flip-flop between this or Vamdemon as the best arc in Adventure -- I like it when the kids split up, I like it when there's conflict between them, but the final boss and Homeostasis exposition dump ultimately push it below the Vamdemon arc for me.

    3.) Etemon: Great arc if Taichi is your favorite character, not as awesome if you like any of the other kids best.

    4.) Devimon: What a brutal introduction to the series -- introducing all 7 kids AND their partners at once is a lot, then spending 6 episodes fleshing out each kid causes the series to start real slowly. There's some good moments but man, it takes a while to get compelling.

    And I would rank the Zero Two arcs like this:

    1.) Oikawa: Even if the Demon stuff doesn't go anywhere, this arc has a real sense of tension and urgency that the Archnemon and BlackWarGreymon arc completely lacks.

    2.) Digimon Kaiser: Hurt more by the episodic nature of the first third of the season than anything else. The end of the arc is great, the beginning is fine, but you could forgive someone for skipping Episodes 12 - 16 to jump straight to the conclusion.

    3.) Archnemon / BWG: Total cluster. For every great individual episode like "Opposites Attract", you have a bunch of awkward two-parters ("United We Stand" / "Fusion Confusion"; "The Insect Master's Trap / Arukenimon's Tangled Web"; "Stone Soup / Kyoto Dragon") where evolution sequences and exposition pad out the episode(s). Archnemon and Mummymon quickly turn from threats into jokes. There's no consequence to destroying the Destiny Stones and so the latter half of the arc has no real stakes.
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    This was hard; I feel Adventure is very consistent, and picking a winner is going through superficial qualities. I'd say:

    Etemon > Dark Masters > Devimon > Vamdemon > Dark Seeds > Destiny Stone > Kaiser

    The Etemon arc explores the Digital World further, and I like the rebuilding of the team after Etemon is defeated(I say the Vamdemon arc starts when Garudamon first appears). i'm also a fan of moments where the team tries to implement some type of strategy against their enemy, such as infiltrating the pyramid. There's an added sense of tension, and I have similar affection when Zero Two and Frontier try this(storming the Kaiser's base, how to beat Duskmon, most of the Royal Knights arc).

    Zero Two starts off like some kind of easy-mode of a game; there's a time when the Kaiser stops terrorizing everyone. Kind of a slog to get through. Not knowing what the hell they wanted to do definitely made things tenser as they had to keep adding enemies.

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    I come from the net Jay Ukyou's Avatar
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    1. Dark Masters arc. This really feels like the culmination of the growth of these characters. When I first watched the series, I didn't have any idea how LONG the story was going to be. I thought after the big conclusion of Vamdemon's arc that the story was finished and the characters had grown as much as they were going to grow. It's a reasonable assumption. The kind of development we see at the end of Vamdemon's arc is a pretty standard place for most shows to conclude their heroes' stories. But the Dark Masters arc was a true surprise to me. It dealt with the aftermath of saving the world and confronting their individual family issues. It was inspiring to see how differently each of the characters played their roles when they were thrust BACK into the same sorts of locales they tackled in the earlier half the season. This is truly the cornerstone of what makes Digimon Adventure, and the franchise as a whole, stand out from the deluge of hero's journey retellings we see in every kids' show.

    2. Vamdemon's arc. Close second. It upped the stakes that the Dark Masters' arc actually delivered on. The conflicts between who the children were before and who they would become are set up, each with a stark focus on familial bonds as a parallel to the bonds they developed with their Digimon partners. I love how Tamers did this as well.

    3. Kaiser arc, second half only. Ken's story is amazing. And while the Kaiser WAS the Big Bad for the entire first half of the season, the first half of this arc is really more the story of the kids collecting all their Digimentals. We don't get a sense of who Ken is as a villain until around the episode 15 mark. And then it's actually engaging. I tend to include Ken's redemption arc and friction with Iori here as well.

    4. Etemon arc. Etemon is funny. But the series shines here for really exploring the weirdness of the Digital World in some interesting ways and showing the kids learning how to do more than just survive as reactionary measures to threats. They begin to PLAN and take control of their destinies and it's nice to see them all working together for a while before Taichi's disappearance puts them at eachothers' throats.

    5. Oikawa arc, kinda. Not including World Tour and Daemon Corps episodes. Oikawa on his own is intriguing and I like how they really focused on how singleminded obsession is such a destructive, yet relatable, mindset for a villain. I can even forgive reusing Vamdemon as a corrupting influence due to how well they portray this aspect of Oikawa.

    6. Devimon arc. A kinda terribad introduction to an otherwise fun show. It's only this high because the episodes where the kids are split up and can form unique relationships with eachother is such solid character-building.

    7. Daemon Corps + Dark Ocean episodes. 02's biggest problem is that it was trying to be three seasons at once. The Dark Ocean storyline could have been a solid path for the season to follow, but they chose Oikawa and Vamdemon instead. And for some reason decided that it was okay to keep in the conflicting plotline of the Dark Ocean and Daemon... Both storylines suffer as a result of trying to make room for the other. The Dark Ocean is arguably more intriguing, but Oikawa is more relatable. Unfortunately, the Dark Ocean never really gets explored in any kind of depth, so it just falls flat and unsatisfying (mini-rant: this does not mean 02 has plot holes! Unsatisfying ending =\= incomplete ending! 02's actual plot holes mostly come from Tailmon's Holy Ring.)

    8. World Tour Arc. Again, this arc feels like it could have worked. But 02 would have needed to follow a completely different theme or storyline. It's just thrown in and doesn't really satisfy anyone...

    9. Arachnemon Arc. Jumbled mess. Destiny stones are pointless MacGuffins. BlackWarGreymon is the most mishandled anti-hero I think I've ever seen.

    10. Kaiser Arc, first half. Half fanservice! Half making the new kids completely unlikeable! Nobody's happy!
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