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Thread: How would you hide your digimon?

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    Such a good topic, because this is so fun to think about. In reality it'd be stress inducing, but still.

    Being honest, I probably couldn't hide my Digimon from my family if I had anything that wasn't small enough to hold in your arms-- I'd be straight up screwed if the Digimon in question was anything around Guilmon's size and up. My room's not that big, the closet's very crowded; even if I did clean up and forge a hiding space, it'd be a very small spot to confine them to. Without a doubt, they'd get stir crazy when I'm gone and want to explore, and the kitchen is close enough for them to make gorging themselves one of the first things they do. I'd be much better off telling my family, that way I don't have to lie all the time and I'd feel less guilty about grocery store trips where I ask for tons of food. That is, if I can convince them I can keep it, but I like to think I could persuade them.

    The only hiding thing we'd do is put them down in the basement when there's guests-- which isn't a bad place, and it's the biggest room in the house.

    Hiding them in public would be a slightly different story- the big ones... still a losing battle. The smaller ones? Doable. I was a skeptic of the "Doll act", but then I remembered the one time I saw a lady at a function with a puppy; Until it moved, I thought it was a stuffed animal because it was so cute and a dog was the last thing I thought someone would take with them to the event. Though I'd wonder how long the facade could be kept, since asking anything to stay still and quiet for so long seems a little much. For guys like Plotmon, Labramon, Tailmon and Meicoomon, I could probably put a harness on them or put them in a U-Pet and play them off like they're totally regular animals. Luminamon can hide itself, so it's not an issue. Otherwise it's a backpack they get to ride in.

    Though if I had something with a storing function, hiding them would be a non-issue. I think I'd prefer that if only to put me at ease from the stress of constantly keeping them hidden in the physical world, as well as put no limit on what form they could choose.
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    If they're small, clean out a space in my room for them to have some place hygienic.

    If they're large, forget it.

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