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Thread: Appmon Manga Ended, Volume 2 Releasing in October

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    Appmon Manga Ended, Volume 2 Releasing in October

    As previously announced, the Appmon manga ended in the new V-Jump after a full year run.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    But we get some positive news on the chapter cover for the end of the manga!

    On October 4th the Appmon manga will have it's second collected volume released.

    This will feature the 2nd half of the full run of the manga.

    No cover or pre-order links yet (or confirmation of any sort of bonus like Volume 1 had), but we expect the MSRP will be 400 yen, same as the first volume.

    The volume's date lines up a few days after we expect the Appmon anime to end, and is a day after the release of the 3rd Appmon DVD-Box (Affiliate link.)

    The Digimon Universe: AppliMonsters manga was by Naoki Akamine.

    Part 1 was released earlier this year, and we did a breakdown of it.

    No news on if Appmon Gakuen, which also recently finished it's run in Saikyo Jump, will receive a collected volume yet.

    Thanks to IxLOVExDigiMon for the scan.

    Update- This is the original image we had, a better quality scan has been put at the top.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Thanks to kikuyuu20 for the image.
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    Man, that is one fine artstyle.

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    I REALLY hope that we're going to see Sheviathan in the anime.

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