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Thread: AppliMonsters Episode 46: An Oath to the Starry Sky! Operation: Rescue Astra!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TMS View Post
    Is anyone able to fill me in on the significance of Arukatoraji? I mean besides the pun on Alcatraz.
    I don't know... All I can read is a (bad) ru (flow/style) ka (fire) tora (tiger) ji (temple)...
    I am a Digimon fan who was an Elementary Schooler during WarGreymon era,
    a Middle Schooler during KaiserGreymon era, a High Schooler during ShineGreymon era,
    and a college student during ZekeGreymon era.

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    ^Those are the meanings of the individual words, but in the end they're really just ateji chosen to fit the 'Arukatoraji' pronunciation, to do both the Alcatraz pun and make it look like a temple name due to the kanji.

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    Tfw both buddy Appmon "jokingly" recognize the ship 👌👌👌

    I did like this episode although part of me was alarmed by the whole "46/52" thing (it's coming to a close...). And while Offmon is still the most adorable, Musimon's face gives him a run for his money (this episode was good for that as well)

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    Cute Astra episode. But more importantly, what's with Yujin? What did Rei find? How upset with Haru be when when he learns it. ...Was this a plan for Rei to get a rival to Haru out of the way? On a scale of Uchhu Sentai Kyuuranger to Kamen Rider Kuuga, how 801 is Yujin to Haru? ...Ok, jokes aside, I'm happy we'll finally get the info to what's going on with Yujin. I have a Star Wars feeling about this. ...That is to say bad. Still a fun episode though.

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    I like the start of revealing with the fake information about Yuujin thing.

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