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Thread: Appmon Character Songs and Original Soundtrack, Scans & Breakdown

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    Appmon Character Songs and Original Soundtrack, Scans & Breakdown

    Already time for another Appmon Music Release! And this time it's a big one... the biggest in fact!

    The Appmon Characters Songs and Original Soundtrack 2 CD set! This new 2 CD set features character songs and a large selection of the OST of the series.

    The embedded files are smaller JPGs from our gallery, so those shouldn't have any bandwidth issues. Click the images for big versions.

    The scans went well. I did minimal editing on these and I think everyone came out reasonably well. Or I thought they went well... I realized while writing this something appeared to be missing, and I had to go back and scan another page because it became obvious some pages stuck to each other and didn't get scanned (afterall, I couldn't skip over the page for Eri and Dokamon.)

    Scanning was delayed due to a shipping issue, which is why this breakdown is a few weeks later than expected.

    The CD was packaged in a CD-Album style case (the normal CD case most people are familiar with) with an interior plastic flip-over to reveal a second tray.

    The cover for the set is simply the Appmon key art that has been used for the majority of the second half of the series. It's very good art, and it's usage for this music release makes sense. The artwork has been moved around and reformatted to work in a more square shape, since a good chunk of the higher level Appmon would have been cut off due to the key art's main use until now was in promotional posters.

    The cover (at the top of the article) is the front to a booklet.

    It opens to a track list page and art of the Applidrivers and the Appmon Buddies.

    After that we get lyric pages with images.

    The first five spreads featuring the Applidrivers and Appmon Buddies is a nice touch for the new character songs.

    Credits are printed on the back of the booklet.

    A scan of the discs themselves

    Each disc has a nice minimal style. Each disc is two colors, split with a diagonal line. The Appmon buddies are cutouts on the label showing the physical disc itself. Disc 1 (the character songs) is blue, while Disc 2 (the OST) is red. the look is crisp and works very well.

    Because this was a full CD case, it had some art under the tray which I cracked open.

    A digital space with Appmon chips floating around, a theme used throughout this release.

    The reverse side of this is the actual back cover of the CD case.

    Having the full tracklist for both discs on the back is nice, especially when you consider how many tracks the OST has. The look otherwise is close to the reverse side, featuring digital space with Appmon chips, but at the bottom you can see the digital space giving way to a grassy field, same as the internal pages of the booklet

    On the left side of the case was an obi card.

    A basic obi, but with a nice touch for the back... On the actual cover art, you only see two of the Standard Grade Buddies, Gatchmon and Offmon. Putting the other 3 on the back of the obi is a nice way to make sure they are represented.

    No bonus items or stickers on this release...

    But it did include an advertising insert for Gatchen, the second OP from Appmon. The Gatchen CD also includes the Appmon insert song Be My Light. We did scans and breakdowns of both the normal edition and the limited edition of that release.

    The Appmon Character Songs and Original Soundtrack release is quite nice. On the first disc we get new character songs for our main characters, an Appliyama song, and finish with Eri's insert song. On disc two we get 40 tracks of music used in various scenes through the series. There are a handful of notable tracks missing. Hopefully they will appear on a future Appmon release.

    Out of all the Appmon music releases thus far this feels like the most important. With 7 vocal songs and 40 tracks of music from the series it's hard to think of a release thus far that could beat this one.

    The Digimon Universe: AppliMonsters Character Songs & Original Soundtrack (2 CD Set) is still available at CDJapan (Affiliate Link.)

    With various Digimon and Appmon stuff coming out, donations would be appreciated so we can make sure we can continue to get Digimon materials to share with everyone.

    Images are hosted on our gallery and embedded on the forum, so let us know if anything is acting up.
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    what dpi did you use for the scan ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hackmon View Post
    what dpi did you use for the scan ?
    The original scans were 2400dpi. Quite overkill, but I archive the original scans in case I ever improve processes and have time to do more. Haven't done it yet for very much, but better to go overkill in this cases.

    It's also high enough that any patchwork becomes nearly invisible when shrunken down (sometimes I have time to patch out issues on the images, sometimes I don't.)
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    damn, it's missing the track where they insert the chips. that was a good one. dunno how they could have missed adding it

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