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Thread: Does Dopemon not have an Appmon Chip yet?

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    Does Dopemon not have an Appmon Chip yet?

    It's the only Appmon (besides those ones with no information on them supposedly from the Appli Drive toy) that isn't in the Appmon Chip Reference Book.

    Is that the complete set of them?

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    That's weird.
    Also, Flickmon, Tapmon and Swipemon doesn't have chips yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clanc View Post
    That's weird.
    Also, Flickmon, Tapmon and Swipemon doesn't have chips yet.
    I can understand them not having Chips a little more as they can be any of the seven Appmon Types not including God making them harder to implement as Chips.

    Their Applink method is also likely not the same as your typically Appmon do to them lacking the cables most Appmon have apart from the God Grades who instead have halos on their backs. The trio's Appliarise method will likely be different as well to compensate for this just as Dantemon's was (incidentally Dantemon himself is also MIA from the Reference Book).
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    I'm almost certain Dopemon has an Appmon chip... I think I might even have it myself. I need to check my collection...

    EDIT: Hmm... nope. I was thinking of the trading cards.
    What a strange Appmon to skip over.
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