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Thread: Digimon Game Community Website Opens w/ Watanabe Interview and Nakano Guidebook

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    I've created my account by using a normal gmail and I've chosen "Japan" (as country/area/something) during the registration, in the BANDAI registration page.

    I wonder if I can use the site to ask the developers to improve some of the Digimon 3D models.
    As Slayerdramon's mantle, that is supposed to be divided in two parts or Hinukamuy (Gankoomon... stand) that is supposed to have an aura-like effect.
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    Like Torto said I believe some female-ish digimon were edited if their designs were deemed a bit... indecent. if I recall correctly Beelstarmon had only her underboob edited over. I assume the others had some thing similar and got their outfits edited to be more tasteful. I honestly find this fine since I do believe some female digimon look less like monsters and more like ladies being given the Yoko treatment.

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    And the winner is...Lilithmon!

    By the way Yamato-san, do you know how exactly can we talk with the staff members in order to let them arrive our suggestions? I would really appreciate that ^_^

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    Sorry, I wouldn't know.

    I tried looking up images of BeelStarmon in Heroes, and compared it to the images on Wikimon, and I didn't notice anything different. Can somebody point me to anywhere detailing the censorship?

    EDIT: Nevermind, just noticed the video.

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