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Thread: Hosoya Returns From Hiatus

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    Hosoya Returns From Hiatus

    It's always a good thing when we get to report positive news about cast and crew!

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    Yoshimasa Hosoya made a surprise appearance on the Tensai Gunshi radio show. Hosoya is a co-host of the show, but hasn't appeared since going on hiatus from work for throat treatment earlier in the year.

    During the surprise appearance he announced that he has returned to voice work.

    Hosoya's hiatus meant that he did not appear at DigiFes 2017 outside of a pre-recorded clip.

    Thanks to ANN for the news.
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    Junior Commander Tetra Seleno's Avatar
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    Great to hear that Hosoya's throat treatment was a success and he can return to voice work. Thanks Marc.
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    Junior Commander Rohan's Avatar
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    Misread that as "Hosoda returns from hiatus"

    Nevertheless, very exciting news that he's back.

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