Having been in situations like this before...there are definitely things you can do if you truly want to own the stage play DVD even though money may be tight. "Just save up" is a thing people often say, but it's not really useful nowadays -- there have been times when I couldn't really save much of anything from my paychecks because my regular monthly bills were just too much. So with that in mind: can you ask for more hours at work? Maybe take on another job for a short while to save up? It also might be possible to sell things that you own if you don't use/want them anymore. You don't even necessarily need to save up for the full amount -- maybe save up for half of the amount, buy the DVD with a credit card, apply the amount saved up to an immediate payment on the card, and then pay off the remaining half over time. (I wouldn't really recommend this last idea myself, but I do suppose it's a possibility if money is tight *right now* but won't be tight in the future -- possibly this is appropriate for people who work contract jobs.)

All the same, though...these ideas are meaningless if you think the stage play DVD costs too much for its value to you as an individual. If money is tight, you can do things like work more hours or work another job...but then that money could just as easily be applied elsewhere and most likely in a more appropriate way. I'm the kind of person who, in the event of saving up for a big "fun" purchase (when I am able to, which isn't always), feels really good and validated by my saving up and I'm able to make the purchase guilt-free -- other people, however, might see how much they saved up and consider, "Maybe I should put this towards my car loan so I can be a month ahead," or "I really gotta chip away at that credit card debt," or anything else that might be going on. We all need to make the right financial decisions for ourselves and a hundo is a lot to drop at once for an anime franchise product.

In my situation, it really helps that I don't really collect many Digimon products right now beyond the Blu-rays, the newer video games, and a very small card collection. Neither the V-pets nor the Digivices appeal to me, so as a fan, I've been able to "save" by avoiding those purchases. I'd love to own more figures, but things like the stage play DVD take priority for me (I pre-ordered the new WarGreymon evolving figure but might need to cancel that pre-order for this). You can't collect "everything" that a franchise puts out -- you need to evaluate what you want and how much you're willing to spend. For a while there, I did consider buying the new 20th anniversary V-pets as a way to "get into" the V-pet aspect of the franchise and now I'm glad I didn't.