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Thread: tri. Stage Play Length, Rehearsal Images, MetalGreymon & VenomVamdemon, CDs, AiM

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    Obviously MetalGreymon would be pretty challenging to do live action, but s'all right. Would probably look better in motion.

    Does that mean there will be a WarGreymon puppet? Seems like something only one person could pull off.

    And lol, Etemon.

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    Looking at Venom Vamde Undead's screen projection, seems like as if it came from the OVA--- Judging with the art style and all.
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    I can see why some find it unsettling, but somehow the MetalGreymon puppet works for me. It looks more mechanical, perhaps unintentionally so because of the constraints of making him work as a puppet, but I dig it.

    Given his more humanoid proportions I'd think WarGreymon would be easier to pull off. I suspect they'll use a costume for him.

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    I've moved the discussion of the stage play plot/etc. itself to a new thread so it isn't specifically attached to news, should make discussion of the stage play itself a bit easier.

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    So I keep trying to compare Venom Undead with VenomVamdemon's art, and aside from using tri's artstyle, I'm having trouble seeing what the difference is. Is he just VenomVamdemon returning for the stage play with a fancy name, or is he supposed to be a new Digimon that's going to appear in future media from this point onward?

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