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Thread: Small V-Pet changes? (merged thread)

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    Its amazing how memories can be clear from so long ago. Déj*?(Deja) vu. Just had a feeling moon walker isn't a fake. English weak version makes it clearer why it struggled to win so much. And on top of that. I think while actually having a good win streak going, hit 70% victory, then death.
    Anyway. It would be entertaining to find out why this version 5 has the same PCB layout as moon walkers.

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    After many observations of many different V-Pets, here's my report about battle power and energy...

    Firstly, there's a protein counter which counts from 0-3 and wraps around on the 4th protein. It is reset to 0 on death; but unlike most of the other counters, it keeps its value through evolution. If you don't know where it is, giving 4 protein will always cycle it once anyway. Each time this counter wraps around, it increases the energy by 1, and also increases the power stage by 1.

    Each Digimon resets to a certain amount of energy after a night's sleep - I'll call that the base energy.

    On the Japanese V1s and Strong English V1, energy can be overfilled up to baseEnergy+9. Filling to baseEnergy+10 puts it back to the baseEnergy. I guess that's a bug. (I said previously that the Red Japanese was different and couldn't be overfilled, but actually I just hadn't figured out this weird rule yet - I filled to +10 and then it was at baseEnergy, so seemed like nothing happened...)

    On the Weak English V1, we have this "energy cheat" thing. As I said before, it's actually 6 extra energy bars which appear outside the meter. The bottom-right extra bar appears with only a few extra energy, then there's a big gap, then the 4 "!" appear one at a time, shortly followed by the bottom-left extra bar. Numemon has 10 base energy, gains the first "!" at 42 and the bottom-left extra bar at 45. Agumon/Betamon/Tyranomon have 20 base energy, gain the first "!" at 84 and the bottom-left extra bar at 90. Greymon/MetalGreymon/Monzaemon only get the bottom-right extra bar.
    It seems the energy cap is 99. I tested Agumon/Betamon/Tyranomon: they gain the bottom-left extra bar at 90 energy, and lose it going down to 89; after giving protein for several different energy numbers above 99, they always lost the bottom-left bar after 10 battles. Monzaemon has a bug and doesn't get sick after eating a lot of protein, and seems to cap at 99 energy too: it gains the bottom-right extra bar at 53 energy so loses it going down to 52; after filling to what would be past 99, it lost the bottom-right extra bar after 47 battles. I tried Greymon and MetalGreymon, but they don't have the energy cheat and they get sick every time, so they would die before doing enough battles. Numemon would also die before getting down to 44 energy.

    Piyomon on Japanese V4 and Gazimon on Japanese V5 wouldn't let the energy be overfilled. I haven't checked V2 or V3 yet: I expect they won't either.

    Now for the battle power. There's a counter I'll call the "power stage", and arbitrarily I'm saying it starts at 0. It resets to 0 when the Digimon evolves. Wrapping the 4-protein counter makes it go up by 1. A care mistake makes it go down by 1. (Contrary to popular belief, training doesn't do anything here.) The full possible range is -4 to +4. But during a single evolution stage, it can only go up 4 times and down 4 times. E.g. put it up to 3, then it can only go down to -1, and then it can go up to 0 after that. Once it has been up 4 times and down 4 times, it's stuck at 0 until the Digimon evolves again.

    Then the power stage is combined with the strength hearts to get the communication power value (which I can see using the DMComm device). Looks like the result is the average of the two, rounded down, but can't go below 0. Now, it turns out that the Weak English V1 is literally weak - for this result, it behaves as if it always has 0 strength hearts!

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