Eh, fair enough. I mean it makes it way easier to evolve stuff if my dock just has to have all the bugs and weird crap. Dodgy evolution counts, out-of-line sleeping times, and possible training bugs? Jeez, that's kinda exciting honestly. I've fed Koromon bugger all but meat and drugs today, so I'm definitely not having a slim Digimon.

Fair enough. I'll agree that it is fun, figuring out all of this junk about old LCD things. There's an element of mystery to it that you just can't get from other [LCD pressy-button things as I call them] like the Game Boy or whatever. I guess it's being a completely closed circuit and board in one device, with zero standardised connection parts above the battery port, and the code wasn't stored anywhere because BanDai are shite, so it's all down to the community. Good fun.

On a side note, I can't read Japanese, but I've heard that they're wayyyyy further on with all of this over the pond. I recently heard of the site which has a bunch of useful stuff, but again, can't read it.