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Thread: Odaiba Memorial 2017

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    Odaiba Memorial 2017

    Lots of various news due to DigiFes, tri. Part 5, and the Stage Play coming up, among other things.

    Decided to put up a thread for Odaiba Memorial, the same as last year, to be nice and calm and relaxing (posted a bit early since for many people it's already 8/1.)

    I know lots of people do art or other things on 8/1, so if you want to share feel free. Or just share any Digimon memories you have if you want to.

    We have a lot of fun stuff coming up soon.

    We are also retweeting various Digimon art people are posting today over on our Twitter.

    One particularly fun official image thus far...

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Megahouse tweeted out a big image of a bunch of the previously released Digimon GEM Figures.

    And Bandai Fashion put up a message from Agumon as well!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    The Digimon Music Producer also posted a message...

    He thought back fondly on memories of Daiba Park on 8/1. He noted the same flag seemed to be flying there as 'back then.' Apparently today the weather isn't good and everyone should take care.

    Also, while not strictly for 8/1, a few days ago he found something interesting, and I thought it was worth posting for August 1st...

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    While preparing to move an old VHS was found. It contains a TV commercial for the Digimon Adventure Cute Beat Club Album. Neither at the house, nor at the company was there a VHS player... so they were unable to play it.

    Also, those who like Arby's and their random anime/game/etc tweets will see something familiar today...

    And then Tenya Yabuno, the artist of Digimon V-Tamer posted an image on his Twitter...

    Image Thumbnail (custom)
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    I come from the net NekoHaruko's Avatar
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    Haha. Sorry guys, but a part of me can't help but to see ship tease. Daisuke/Ken, Takato/Juri, Hikari/Takeru. It's good to see all of them together. They look really cool. Daisuke and Ken even nearly match what i have on my shelf atm.

    Digimon Adventure tri. part 6, Our Future!
    Coming out May 5th, Children's Day!
    [Art by http://dejitarugeeto02.tumblr.com/]

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    I come from the net Jay Ukyou's Avatar
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    That's really cool. Is that all of the GEM figures currently available?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay Ukyou View Post
    That's really cool. Is that all of the GEM figures currently available?
    It seems to include all the 'larger' releases.

    It does not include all of the DigiColle figures.
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    I'm going digital Nemomon's Avatar
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    Happy Odaiba Memorial, everybody!
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    Happy first, y'all. Glad it's coming in the midst of yet another glut of good Digimon stuff.

    I'm currently at my vacation home; I remember coming here as a kid I used to bring a lot of toys (K'Nex in particular, despite being a die-hard LEGO guy) and try and replicate some Digimon designs. I had a particularly good Clockmon going on at one point.

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    Junior Commander Jmac28211's Avatar
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    Not sure how many of you all have seen this, but the Arby's Facebook page released something for Odaiba Memorial Day. https://www.facebook.com/arbys/video...5687737496812/

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    You know, even for the fact I don't particularly care about Digimon franchise except for Appmon, the latter still only does exist thanks to it.
    For that, by learning this memorial thing I'm painting a little something

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    I come from the net viperzerof-2's Avatar
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    Arby's of everyone did a digimon tribute today! I think i'll stop in next time I go near one!

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    I come from the net
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    Yay. A good day today. It's been pretty good for Digimon for a while. Let's hope there's another series coming after Appmon. Meanwhile, we wait for Tri so we can see what happens and when there's a version for 02 and then maybe Tamers.

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