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Thread: New tri. Part 5 Trailer and Blu-ray/DVD Cover & Pre-Orders!

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    Quick thought after watching the trailer: how is it possible than a 2010-anime like Xros Wars is way more than better animated than a premium project like Adventure tri.?

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    Quote Originally Posted by smilewolfy View Post

    When I saw those goggles at the end I instantly thought Daisuke, then when Hikari said Taichi I realized my hopes were too high for the 02 kids again.
    Hmm.. I wonder if whatever happens to Taichi happened to the 02 kids and he ends up going missing like them? Just a thought, I mean I'd be surprised if the movie series ends without any acknowledgment on what happened to them, just because seeing them get defeated was one of the first things we saw.
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    the voice calling Hikari in first scene is Plotmon's right?

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    Will we get the translation for the pv? I don't understand a thing beside the last part DX

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    shin is working on a full translation but is having internet issues.

    We will hopefully have something up shortly.
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    Wooooah what the hell was that giant thing in the clouds?! It didn't look... pointy enough to be Examon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcFBR View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by smilewolfy View Post
    we might get to see the evolution sequences for wargreymon
    It was confirmed a few days ago that we would get a sequence for MetalGreymon evolving to WarGreymon. Part of the WarGreymon sequence is in the trailer.
    Wow, nothing is sacred anymore, huh? They really want every excuse to animate every single evolution sequence for all the characters. I can't wait for the final movie where they spend 20+ minutes just on the evolutions. (^.^')

    (Taking Tailmon into consideration, that's (40 x 4 x 8 - 40) / 60 = 20.67 minutes.)

    Quote Originally Posted by shiramomo View Post
    Will we get the translation for the pv? I don't understand a thing beside the last part DX
    Hikari... Hikari...

    The Digital World hates us.

    It is possible that the Digital World views our existence as a virus.

    At the very least, we don't hate Hikari and the others.

    Is what an adult sees that different from what a child sees?

    Why in the world were we selected?!

    Meicoomon is her partner! An irreplaceable one!

    Is it wrong to think about your partner?! What is wrong with that?!

    Your friend is suffering! Your selfish logic... that's unforgivable!

    Onii-chan... why?
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    Remember that 02 kid is there, we get more evo sequence along the way.

    That thing look like it couls come from either Examon or Huanglomon from the red jewel thing.

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    Added translation of the trailer from garm to the news post.
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    Things are getting interesting. Though sadly, as much as I want to know the fate of the 02 quartet and their fair share of screen time in these final two chapters, I have resigned myself to the lowest expectations that the four might only end up as mentions.

    Also I think Meicoomon's Ultimate/Mega is the one rising from the clouds all shadowed--- Her wings, both with the shiny orbs and bent protrusions were kind of recognizable.
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