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Thread: New tri. Part 5 Trailer and Blu-ray/DVD Cover & Pre-Orders!

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    Quote Originally Posted by clanc View Post
    I just managed to watch the damn trailer and I have only one thing to say...
    I don't like were this is going

    btw, I think she's yelling at Taichi.
    She seems to be yelling: "Your friends are suffering?! I won’t forgive such selfish reasoning!" (this is another translation)

    It's interesting, because this can have many interpretations. Although I do not think she is full of anger when she yells, she just seems convey her opinion.

    I really think she will fall into despair (maybe because the Digital World hates them) and she will be possessed.
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    Damn, I can't believe I missed this trailer! Hikari's dialogue at the end really gave me the feels. Like everyone else, I'm wondering what that thing that came out of the clouds(?) was, but I'm not gonna let it bother me till September.

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