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Thread: 20th Anniversary Art Book and Card Set Updates, Images, and Pre-Order Details

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    Quote Originally Posted by wildwing64 View Post
    Made a quote with From Japan on the book. Really looking forward to this. Plus it gives me more motivation to continue learning to read Japanese.

    The card set looks nice and I'm sorta tempted by it, but at the same time I don't feel like I "need" it.
    I only really collect the card sets for the art and it's twice the price as the artbook which will have more Digimon.

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    Man... The card case will looks more epic if they include Gaiamon artwork in it. I wonder how beautiful an Appmon turned out with this awesome old school art...

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    I'll pre-order that artbook sometime next month, I've always been a sucker for these type of things and it looks pretty nice.

    The card set also looks good, but the price is a little too steep for me compared to what I'd get out of the artbook.

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    Really tempting. I love the art style of those first 5 V-pets. Though I wish I know any Japanese, Things like the ecology, of I'm guessing those early V-pets is right in my wheel house. Also carious about the whole original plan for Digimon element, the franchise has always come across as making it up as it want along.
    You are not obliged to like all of anything, but the franchise also doesn’t revolve around you, or fans in general. Fans are not responsible for its good years, or its bad years; the series is responsible for its own success or failures.

    The dirty secret at the heart of Digimon is, its never had a Beast Wars

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    Just a heads-up for fellow Asia peeps, Premium Bandai Asia is also opening preorders for the artbook later today. :>
    Digimon was one of the main things that got me into drawing/art (and still does!) and I really admire their designs, so I'm glad to be able to afford it this time..!

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    Oh yeaaaah preordered the book. Hope it is better than I expect. Anyway I feel excited.

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