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Thread: The Average Day of a Workaholic

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    The Average Day of a Workaholic

    Hello all who want to read this. I am currently at work and am completely at a loss of what to do with the remainding 10 minutes of my work day, so here I am.

    If you don't know me, my name is Christopher, I used to go by XmetalGarurumonX when Digimon.com used to still be a thing. Wow those days are well behind us now I guess. I was 13 then when I found that website. Then I enjoyed watching anime and going to school, I didn't even have my first job yet. Now I'm 26 and as you can tell by the title of this thread, work WAY to much.

    Currently I'm on a work bend. I'm trying to save up money for my vacation coming up in September. I am going to Octoberfest in Germany with 2 of my good friends. I've been looking forward to it all year. So I started what I am titling my 56 days nightmare.

    I work at a max facility Prison in the US. So it's not the easiest job, but it pays well, so I've decided to keep at it for a while despite everything that's going on here. We work 4 days a week on 12 hour shifts from either 6am to 6pm or 6pm to 6am. I work night shift so I'm scheduled to work from 6pm to 6am, though recently we've been severely short staffed so I can work as much as I want. Therefore I've been working from 2pm to 6am every day that I am supposed to work, which is Saturday through Tuesday. Though due to my vacation coming up and situations at the house I've decided to save money by doing a 16 hour shift every day until September 10th (I started July 15th). We'll see how this goes.

    Day 12: 7-27-2017
    Today was a long day. The people from first shift managed to leave half of their workload for me to do, and the person I was working with went home early... Leaving me with hist stuff to do. I'm usually done with all of the random stupidities that need to be worked by 9pm. I didn't sit down until 1am today. There were no assaults today. So overall despite everything that I had to do, today was a good day.

    Day 13: 7-28-2017
    Today I locked myself out of my house and destroyed a credit card to get back into my house. I managed to arrive at work on time. Nothing else of note happened on this day.

    Day 14: 7-29-2017
    Today was drama filled, everyone is pretty fed up with the amount of overtime that is needed to run this facility. People seem to be complaining about me also, because I come in early to work instead of staying late, so I'm not easing the burden of mandatories of my shift. All they talk about lately is the mandatories. They are very dismissive when I talk to them about the situation as if I'm not effected. It's hard coming to work lately because everyone is so down, depressed, or negative and it's starting to get to me. However I'm determined to finish what I started.

    Day 15: 7-30-2017
    I ended up going to bed early because a movie I REALLY wanted to watch came out. I have been waiting to see it for almost two years now, so when I realized it was out I bought it and emidiately watched it. Because of that I came to work functioning off of 3 hours of sleep. I drank 8 monsters today just to stay conscious. Despite that we actually had adequate staff to run shift. I was forced to train someone new at my post and thought it was going to be terrible. The guy however shows great potential and I have high hopes for him. Overall I would have to say today was a good day. Something we all have needed for a while now.
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    Okay so the last few days have been a mad rush so I han't had the time to update on a daily basis. But here is the gist.

    Day 16: 7-31-2017
    I moved from post to post filling in where I was needed all night. As soon as I was done doing something at a specific location and had a chance to relax I had to move to another location. I was not near a computer for the entire night so I did not post my entry.
    Day 17: 8-1-2017
    This day was a normal day, nothing spectacular happened, I just was not near a computer all night
    Day 18: 8-2-2017
    I couldn't come in early on this day because I had mandatory training I had to go through From 6Am to 10Am on 8-3-2017. This day was the first of two Really long drawn out days. The day dragged on due to having to stay late instead of coming in early and everyone around me was stressed due to being mandatoried the night before.
    Day 19: 8-3-2017
    OH, MY, GOD. This night was a literally nightmare. The day started off with a clogged toilet. While Trying to unclog the toilet (Yes that is one of my jobs) I got sprayed in the face with feces filled water. I could not go home, so I washed my face and continued on. Then For the next 5 house I continued doing high stress, high difficult labor that I really can't talk about what it is. However it was aweful. It was so aweful that I didn't stay in the morning. So on this day I worked a 12 hour shift to rest, and so I could reset my schedule so that I could just come in early instead of staying late.
    Day 20: 8-4-2017
    Due to events out of my control the day before was only a 12 hour day, so this is technically day 1 of reseting the constant 16's. However I'm still going to count it, because yesterday was my day off, and I definitely worked three times harder yesterday than I had on any of the other days combined. Today I folded a bunch of cloths. That is all.
    Day 21 8-5-2017
    Today is a day to celebrate, I made a dude so angry that he said he was going to place me on his gangs hit list. I didn't even do anything, I searched his cell and took contraband, stuff he wasn't supposed to have. So I'l be looking forward to that.
    Day 22 8-6-2017
    Well, so today we had a little scare. We were going through our inventory and found A LOT of razors missing. They get razors to shave with. Found out someone threw them away so that was good. Besides that today was a normal day. I was tired all day though, I managed to drink 4 energy drinks today to stay conscious.
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