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Thread: "Code" on super/ultimate appmon?

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    "Code" on super/ultimate appmon?

    I've noticed on some of the CG appmons, the code on/around them can sometimes spell things. I believe it said "SWAPBUFFET" somewhere on Biomon's left side of his face in episode 40, and I'm noticing the word "COUCH" on Globemon's chest. Are there any other instances of this, and do they mean anything? (or am i just going insane)

    Edit: Also noticed "APPLI" on Charismon
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    The word seemed to change each episode, but yeah it did appears, on Dogatchmon, Sakusimon and other.
    Though I don't think there are other meaning there, it just a cosmetic style.

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    I did notice it but guess it's actual data screen, without any easter eggs. Although the aesthetic alone is charming, that somehow shows they are in fact, digital monsters.
    The CGI is really beautiful and blends well with the show, which is not a common thing to see in a hybrid anime like this one (as it's now a thing in most shows)
    Also, the CGI gets more elaborate and natural looking in the Ultimate stage and now, in God stage.

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