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Thread: SDCC 2017 Exclusive Digimon Domez Set, Review and Images

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    SDCC 2017 Exclusive Digimon Domez Set, Review and Images

    Time for another Digimon product to go over!

    This time it's something limited from Zag Toys... the SDCC exclusive Digimon Domez figure set.

    This set will be showing up this week at San Diego Comic Con 2017 and is exclusive to the con.

    This boxset costs $30.

    This being a limited set that'll only be available at one event, it's very nice to be able to go over it before people have to decide whether to spend their money on it or not, especially since eBay scalping for SDCC products is quite common.

    Let's start off with the packaging.

    The front of the box is at the top of the article.

    It's a very nice blue color with reflective foil on it, the hexagon pattern gives a very nice digital feeling to it (lots of reflective foil type material on the box means that the box likes reflecting every bit of light it can get.)

    In addition, the pseudo-binary pattern in the background works exceedingly well as adding a bit of flavor on the packaging, and if you look carefully, a few places it says Digimon instead of actually being binary.

    Of course, we also get a very nice big and reflective Digivice with the season 1/2 Digimon logo on it.

    You can pull up the Digivice, which is held with velcro to see the figures on the inside. It shows off all 8 figures quite well with the pseudo-circuit board pattern behind them.

    Some more various images of the packaging from various angles.

    The box itself is made out of a decent card stock, and presents the figures so you can display them on the shelf even if you choose to keep them in the box (although what you'll do with the Digivice on the hinge I don't know...)

    Onto the figures! Each figure in the set has a chrome/metallic sheen to them.

    This is going to be a bit less detailed on the molds than last time, since the molds themselves are the same.

    Agumon is first up obviously. The metallic look generally works well for Agumon, but as before, I feel like there are a handful of issues relating to the mold for his head. I would expect a bolder orange for Agumon, but I suspect that would have clashed with the metallic color. The metallic color adds to the look of Agumon so well though that I don't mind the orange feeling a bit off. It's worth mentioning that the top part of his head appears to be a different metallic orange than the rest of the body, leading to a type of two-tone look.

    Gabumon is again, probably one of, if not the best. Because he looked so amazing before, I'd say the metallic paint benefits him the least. It's the same fantastic Gabumon, he just looks metallic. Although I do think when he catches the light just right, the benefits to him being metallic just really shine (pun not intended.)

    The Biyomon mold benefits heavily from the metallic paint. It just makes everything seem much bolder and vivid. The only real negative about this one is that while the pose works well, it still seems a bit odd because her eyes just look sort of dead inside.

    Who doesn't love Tentomon!? Tentomon is a bit more representative than many of the other figures due to bits that wouldn't convert well to a small figure (thin limb pieces, his very thin ear stalks, etc.) The design choices here benefit the figure as it looks like him, and it's solid enough that you don't have to worry if anything will fall apart. The metallic look works well for Tentomon, especially on things like his eyes.

    Palmon is interesting in that because of the smoother and rounder design, she just seems to nearly glow in light due to the metallic paint. I think her smile could probably be bigger, but she looks good in this figure.

    I like Gomamon quite a bit here, just like I did with the original figure. He has the general same appearance, colorwise, as the original figure, minus two things. First is he tends to almost glow like Palmon, which leads to the white being quite vivid on him. I feel like his hair doesn't benefit well. Instead of looking like a metallic red, it looks more like a base coat of red paint with a top coat of metallic silver.

    PATAMON! The metallic look works fantastically for Patamon. The only negative about this one is his mouth feels weird to me for some reason. It might be because they mold in a slight split between the colors right above it, which almost gives the 'feel' of two mouths.

    Gatomon looks neat in metallic paint. Like a few others she almost seems to glow. Unfortunately this Gatomon apparently lived a tough life. She has various scuff marks inside her dome, and the figure itself doesn't seem to be... I don't know what to call it... screwed in? properly. That's a one off mistake though I'd assume. Oddly, I remember not liking this mold a lot in it's original form, but the metallic look really improves the look of it.

    The Domez bases themselves appear identical to the original releases, a soft green plastic with white logo stamp. Additional details on elements of the Domez themselves can be found in our original review article about the Digimon Domez release.

    This is a significantly different product than the blind bagged Domez. When you bought them blind bagged, you were paying $5 each to try and get a figure. Here you get a set of 8 for $30, and they are exclusive versions of them.

    If you are a Digimon fan going to SDCC it's pretty much a no-brainer to nab these. If you have to get them scalped after the con, you'll have to weigh value for what you can find them for.

    There are the tiniest bit of small negatives this time around, but it's a fantastic set overall. The only really solid question is... when are we going to get a metallic Greymon?

    The SDCC Digimon Domez set will be $29.99 at the UCC Distributing Booth at SDCC 2017, Booth #5625.

    Big thanks to Zag Toys for sending us this set ahead of SDCC so we could go over them for any Digimon fans who were considering getting it at SDCC

    In addition to the exclusive Digimon Domez set from Zag Toys, Shout Factory will have the Digimon Adventure tri. Part 2 Blu-ray and DVD release at their booth at the con, #4118, along with lithographs.

    Update- Based on a listing from GameStop it appears those not at SDCC will have a chance to nab these reasonably easily.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Gamestop will be stocking various summer convention exclusives, including the Digimon Domez set.

    Those not able to go to SDCC but who want the set can avoid scalpers, but we have no idea how much stock they have, so if you want it, might be worth it to order quickly. The price is $29.99, the same price at SDCC.

    Thanks to gameraim for some of the info regarding Gamestop.

    Update- It appears the limited stock will be available on their website for roughly a week or until they sell out, whichever comes first.

    Images are hosted on our gallery and embedded on the forum, so let us know if anything is acting up.

    Photos were taken by me using an iPhone 7 Plus. Photos were taken with the default camera application using whatever natural light was floating into the room at the time. Images were cropped and reduced in resolution to roughly 50%. Final images were JPG compressed.

    Since I didn't have a good backing to use to photograph, nor the materials on hand to make them, I simply made do.
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    I had no idea these were mettallic They look amazing!

    I wonder if they're do the plush for NYCC?

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    Added information about Gamestop stocking the SDCC set.
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    I come from the net
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    That makes perfect sense. I'd expect them to get it. Like how they're partnered up with ThinkGeek now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unknown Neo View Post
    That makes perfect sense. I'd expect them to get it. Like how they're partnered up with ThinkGeek now.
    Gamestop and ThinkGeek are the same company.

    Also posted a small update regarding the ordering period for the Domez at Gamestop.
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    I come from the net
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    Yeah that makes sense. Thank you Marc.

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    Update, for those that missed it... it appears Gamestop has put up more stock.
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    That expression of Gatomon scream "What am I doing with my life...?" And "Why am Ialive to begin with?"

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