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Thread: tri. Shirt & Tote Bag in September, with an early release in late July

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    tri. Shirt & Tote Bag in September, with an early release in late July

    More tri. stuff!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Japanese apparel manufacturer Cospa has announced a couple of new Digimon Adventure tri. products that will be of interest to more than a few people.

    First up is the t-shirt pictures above.

    It features the tri. Part 1 theatrical poster art. It's been modified with a blue filter and a digital triangle and line motif (which tri. has used in a number of places) on a white shirt.

    It's a nice looking shirt that they are going to make available in 4 sizes, Sizes are in inches and go Length, Width, Sleeve:
    Small: 25.6, 18.9, 7.9
    Medium: 26.4, 19.7, 7.9
    Large: 27.5, 20.9, 8.3
    XL: 29.1, 22.8, 8.7

    The links are all pre-order links at AmiAmi. Here is additional product info from Cospa

    The shirt is scheduled for release in September for 3,132 yen. But more details on release a bit below...

    The other item Cospla has announced is a tote bag.

    Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom)

    The tote bag uses the same general design as the shirt, but is instead filtered gray on a black tote bag.

    The dimensions for the tote bag are 15.7 inches tall (not including the handle), 18.9 inches wide, with a 5.9 inch gusset.

    The tote will also be available in September for 1,944 yen. Pre-Orders are currently open at AmiAmi.

    Like I said before though, an additional detail regarding release for both of these items...

    Cospa has said despite the official general release being in September, the items will be available to pre-sale at 'some events' in late July.

    We know the list of DigiFes products isn't comprehensive, and we don't have any sort of official comment these items will show up at DigiFes, but it's a reasonable guess.
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    I never got the appeal of themed tote bags, but I love the tee. It's subtle, artsy, and doesn't have a logo but is still recognizably the thing. Basically what I look for in a nerd-shirt.

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