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Thread: Appmon Character Songs Previews and Original Soundtrack Tracklist!

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    Appmon Character Songs Previews and Original Soundtrack Tracklist!

    Finalized details for the Appmon Character Songs and Original Soundtrack 2 CD set!

    Plus a preview of the character songs!

    First up, right above, are the previews of the character songs.

    The first disc of the set will be the character songs album and we already knew the titles from the initial announcement:
    1. Hallelujah, sung by Yumi Uchiyama and Kokoro Kikuchi as Haru and Gatchmon.
    2. On Target @ Center Girl!, sung by Umeka Shoji and Motoko Kumai as Eri and Dokamon.
    3. Wander Beat, sung by Shiho Kokido and Nao Tamura as Astra and Musimon.
    4. Maze, sung by Toshiyuki Toyonaga and Daisuke Sakaguchi as Rei and Hackmon.
    5. Slow Starter, sung by Makoto Furukawa and Yuu Shimamura as Yuujin and Offmon.
    6. With You, sung by Yui Hori, Shoji Umeka, Inori Minase, and Rie Takahashi as Appliyama 470 members: Izumi, Eri, Alice, and Elena
    7. A Pinky Promise Smile with an Explosive Punch, sung by Umeka Shoji as Eri.

    The songs are all rather interesting. I feel like the highpoint for me are the Haru/Gatchmon and Eri/Dokamon songs, at least based on the previews.

    And now we have a tracklist for the original soundtrack disc. Be aware, the soundtrack goes past where Appmon is right now in it's run, so there may be spoilers in track names...

    The OST will be the second disc of the set, which is a 40 track soundtrack for Appmon:
    1. There Are As Many Monsters As There Are Apps
    2. Last Time On Appmon
    3. Application-Based Life-forms Which Possess Artificial Intelligence
    4. Haru and Gatchmonís Daily Routine
    5. Appliyama 470 Theme
    6. Do You feel it? Or Donít Ya? Iím Totally Feeling It!
    7. Knight Unryuuji
    8. Tea Time at the Secret Base
    9. An Unengaging Conversation
    10. A High-Spirited Puzzle Game
    11. Cute Offmon
    12. Hope and Expectation
    13. Coldhearted Eyes of Surveillance
    14. Panic Downtown- No!
    15. L-Virus Infected Appmon
    16. Into the AR Field
    17. Infiltration- Hacking
    18. Mienumonís Scheme
    19. Incident Outbreak- The Virus Appmon
    20. In A Pinch! A Buddy That Never Gives Up
    21. The Fear of An AI Driven Into A Corner
    22. Strike Them Down with the Super AppLink
    23. Cloud the Masked Man
    24. Into the Deep Web
    25. The Ultimate 4
    26. The Threat of Leviathan
    27. Shutmonís Loss of Control
    28. Difference in Power and the Fear of Death!
    29. A Protagonistís Suffering
    30. For Everyoneís Smiles
    31. A Blooming Heart
    32. With Faith and Courage, We Can Do It!
    33. Awakening of the God Appmon!
    34. Surging Power! We Wonít Lose!
    35. Iíll Protect Eri-chan
    36. L-Virus Purification
    37. Buddy Bond of Friendship
    38. The Promised Tomorrow
    39. Appmon Data Lab
    40. Preview

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    The 2 disc set will be released on July 26th for 3,000 yen. It's up for pre-order at CDJapan (affiliate link.)
    Digimon Universe: AppliMonsters Character Songs & Original Soundtrack (2 CD Set)

    The previous news about this release can be found here.
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    I missed this kind of Digimon Audio product for some years now, with the Chara Songs sang by their respective seiyuus. Glad that Appmon will have one.
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    I come from the net NekoHaruko's Avatar
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    I love these songs. I am tempted to buy the album now. I wish I could just legally buy it from japan's itunes if it was on there though. THat'd be more convinient...

    and marc, the video embed doeesn't show on mobile. so you may wanna provide a link...

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    Completely digital salman332's Avatar
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    "To The Awakening of the God Appmon!"
    Soon... Soon!

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    Ohh wow...all of them sound great so far!

    Love how Astra/Musimon are rapping

    Hackmon Sings and not just talks

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    Junior Commander Nemomon's Avatar
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    All of the songs are listenable, except Rei's "Maze" song. It is pretty depressing...
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    I come from the net Shadow Shinji's Avatar
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    Gacchi Gacchi Gacchi Ga!!! Why is he so adorable? :3

    All of the Character Songs sound pretty neat, I have to say that Rei sings more than good! I'm pretty surprised about that. On the other hand, the Bonus Track reminds of Ep. 36, which is imo the best episode in Appmon so far, and makes me kinda nostalgic. Anyways, I think I miss Ai. The original soundtrack list is something I need to hear as soon as possible!! Some titles remind me of Cyber Sleuth's OST like "Tea Time at the Secret Base", "Hope and Expectation" and "Into the AR Field".

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    I'm going digital AmEv7Fam's Avatar
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    ...I have never wanted an album so badly, and it's super-easy to get...

    ...except my wallet is empty, and not for a lack of trying...

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    Completely digital salman332's Avatar
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    I'm disappointed that we didn't get Dantemon theme song though... We need ten hour version of that.

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    I come from the net Jay Ukyou's Avatar
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    Wow, from the previews all of the character songs sound pretty awful as stand alone songs. They've got some cuteness to them for being tied to the development of the characters, but hot damn are they all grating on the ears.

    Somehow Astra's rapping is the least terrible. And I guess Eri's solo song that was actually used in the show itself was alright. Kinda disappointing. Rei's would have been fine without Hackmon's yammering over it.
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