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Thread: Digimon the Movie in Entertainment Weekly... for Movie Anthem?

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    Digimon the Movie in Entertainment Weekly... for Movie Anthem?

    Well... this is a bit of an oddity...

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    In a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly (June 30th, 2017, #1472) Digimon the Movie is brought up...

    It's a bit odd as to why, but I'll get into why after you see the reason it showed up in the magazine.

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    Yep there it is... for Kids in America, but I think we need to zoom out a bit.

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    It ranked 3rd for Best American Movie Anthem! Wait... what?

    I mean, it's neat... but it looks like it's a probably a mistake.

    Partially because Kids in America is of course a song that existed for quite a bit before Digimon the Movie, which in and of itself wouldn't necessary mean much, but also because the original Kim Wilde version that is generally considered iconic (and is listed in the magazine) isn't actually in Digimon the Movie. The version of Kids in America was a cover by Canadian band Len.

    I'm guessing what happened was they ranked iconic songs, and then slotted in their matching films... and sitting here thinking, I can't think of a film that used Kids in America as a real anthem (especially since most times I can think of it being used it was a cover), so I'm guessing they simply grabbed a film name that listed having the song.


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    You can get the Entertainment Weekly approved music from Digimon the Movie for under 10 dollars via either CD or digital, and the CD includes digital! (Affiliate link.)

    Digimon the Movie Soundtrack

    I can't speak to the digital, but the physical includes the various vocal songs from Seasons 1 and 2 of the English dub.

    Thanks to catswithstaches for the photos and other information regarding the magazine (they had also taken a photo of the cover to help out but I tracked down a nice clean image of it.)
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    While I like the original version very much (including that "metro" version with Kim and her brother), Len's version is really great and I still am listening to it from time to time (and "Run Around").
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    Ain't got no mojo... Baldswine's Avatar
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    How did someone even find this XD let alone a digimon fan

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    I'm going digital
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    This is certainly unexpected and interesting! I've largely divorced myself from Saban's Digimon dub (I'm grateful to it for introducing me to the franchise and I can appreciate some of the jokes), but "Kids in America" -- any version -- still stands out to me to this day as a significant song from my youth. Love it.

    But putting this on the same level as Carly Simon's "Let the River Run" from Working Girl is really something. That was a truly iconic film for many people. Kinda surprising to see Digimon above it. But I'm not sure what exactly the criteria is supposed to be here.

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    Haha, that's funny. Poor Len, since it was actually them that did the song. It's a great song that lends itself to covers very well anyway; I can't say Kim Wilde's version is even my favorite.

    I still hold a lot of love for that whole soundtrack though. Anything that isn't Smash Mouth or The Rockafeller Skank will always have a place on my music player.

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    Loved the cover more tbf.

    Quote Originally Posted by andrite View Post
    How did someone even find this XD let alone a digimon fan
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    I come from the net CloneWarrior's Avatar
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    So a British song covered by a Canadian band in a Japanese movie is the third best American movie anthem?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CloneWarrior View Post
    So a British song covered by a Canadian band in a Japanese movie is the third best American movie anthem?

    ...I needed that laugh, CloneWarrior.

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    I come from the net
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    She is funny but this seems like the kind of ill-researched/half second google that a website would use. Specific websites but I won't say which. But hey, Digimon showed up. Great. ...Almost no one reading that will remember or even know what it is now.

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