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Thread: Digimon Conquest: Kingdom Of The Order

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    Digimon Conquest: Kingdom Of The Order

    Digimon Conquest: Kingdom Of The Order is a fanfiction I have been planning for quite some time. It puts a spin on the classic Digimon formula, focusing on a character who befriends a group of digi-destined kids when he starts at a new school, but finds himself being treated as somewhat of an outsider in the group. The first chapter is due out relatively soon (and by that I mean somewhere in the ballpark of before September), but I wanted to first post a short synopsis of the general plot to gauge what people think of the narrative.


    On the first day of term in a new school, Kazuko 'Zuko' Gurezaki finds himself with a group of like-minded friends who make him feel right at home. Not long after however, he begins to notice odd patterns in their behavior, as his new friends constantly exclude him from meetups and blow him off for seemingly no reason. One night, Kazuko is accidentally included in a group text between his new friends and some others that he has never met or heard of. Opting not to alert them to their mistake, he evesdrops and learns that they plan to meet up at the school that night, and so he decides to follow them, and perhaps confront them about their secrecy.

    Kazuko finds himself in a dark school building unable to locate his friends until strange noises and an eerie light draw him to the basement. It is there that he discovers his friends in the heat of a battle with strange and terrifying creatures, a battle that ultimately results in him and his friends being whisked away to another world through what can only be described as some kind of portal, seperating him from them in the process. He finds himself in a place called the Digital World, a reality seperate from ours but connected in many ways and inhabited by beings known as Digimon. Much of the Digital World is in a pseudo-militarized state under the tyranny of a group who call themselves The Order Of 'Mon, led by by their Lord; BlackWarGreymon.

    Searching for his friends, in the company of a Digimon named Guilmon, Kazuko discovers that The Order Of 'Mon is after somethings his friends have; a flashdrive that contains a program capable of turning anyone, human or digimon, into the ideal slave, and with it, they plan to take control over all of humanity and solidify their grip on the Digital World.

    Human Characters;

    -Kazuko (Zuko) Gurezaki [The New Kid In Town]

    -Mion Nakamura [The Risk Taker]

    -Sachiko (Sachi) Serizawa [The Brains]

    -Kenji (Kenny) Akihiko [The Self-Proclaimed 'Cool Kid']

    Digimon Partners;

    -Agumon (Auggie) [Partner To Mion]

    -Elecmon (Ell) [Partner To Sachi]

    -DemiDevimon [Partner To Kenny]

    Other Digimon Characters;

    -Guilmon [The One Who Finds Kazuko]

    -BlackWarGreymon [Lord And Leader Of The Order Of 'Mon]

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    Sounds interesting. Just an observation that's driving me crazy... Kazuko is a girl's name and Gurezaki isn't a real surname.

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    Ooh sounds interesting! definitely something I would give a read to.

    But as Emperordramon said some things are a bit off...

    As a suggestion I believe it wouldn't be too crazy to have the protagonists not be in Japan if you don't want to deal with just japanese names. The digital world could technically be accessed from anywhere such as the US, Europe, South america, Mexico, Russia ETC. (I kind of did it myself for my one digimon AU where all the destined kids are from all over the globe)

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    I like the scenario, hope you post it on fanfiction or some other site, make sure you send us link

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