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Thread: tri. Stage Play Cast Interview, How the Digimon Appear, Upcoming Cast Event

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    tri. Stage Play Cast Interview, How the Digimon Appear, Upcoming Cast Event

    Time for a translated interview! And at the bottom details about a cast event!

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    Spice has interviewed cast members from the upcoming Digimon Adventure tri. Stage Play.

    The first interview is of Sora, Mimi, and Hikari's actresses.

    Garm didn't have time to translate every detail, so she spent her time on the bits that were likely to be of the most interest.

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    First off, we'd like to ask about how familiar you are with the Digimon franchise. When did you start watching Digimon?
    Marina Tanoue (Mimi): I'm of that generation, so I started with the TV series. But my memory of it is a bit hazy now, so I'm rewatching it at the moment.

    Suzuka Morita (Sora): I'm also of that generation, but there was that implication of Digimon being for boys and Pokemon being for girls, so I never really caught on to it. So, I'm taking the chance to watch through it now. But tri. has been fully rented out so far, so I haven't been able to watch everything yet!

    Yuna Shigeishi (Hikari): The first series aired in 1999, and I was born in 2000, so I wasn't able to watch it [on air]. Ever since I've been confirmed on this project, I've been watching it on mobile and through rentals.

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    Have you finished watching everything?
    Shigeishi: I've finished watching the whole of Adventure, and I'm starting 02 right now. I've only watched til part 2 of tri. so far, so I've still got quite a bit to go.

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    It appears that everyone has finished watching Adventure, so were there any scenes that left an impression on you?
    Morita: I guess it'd have to be the very beginning for me. It's also a scene that will be in the stage play, but I like the "meeting on August 1st". It all began from there, and it's in the spotlight again for the plot [of the stage play]!

    Tanoue: Yes! I thought "Oh, that's right, that's how they met at the very start" as I saw Koromon and the other Digimon when they were in their smaller forms. It got me fired up watching the scene where the Digimon and the original 7 children gathered together.

    Shigeishi: Tailmon, who is the partner of the character Hikari that I'm playing, didn't debut at the start [of the series]. Hikari and Tailmon only met after the story had progressed somewhat... seeing the originally evil Tailmon [and Hikari] forge a friendship and bond left a deep impression on me.

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    Hikari is full of kindness, isn't she.
    Shigeishi: Yes, she is. Not only that, the scene where Tailmon remembered that she was waiting for someone in the past for so long that she had forgotten about it, that scene left a great impression on me as well.

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    Do you have a favourite Digimon?
    All three: Our partners, of course!

    Tanoue: But if I had to choose another Digimon, it'd be Tentomon.

    Morita/Shigeishi: Ah! How cute!

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    I know how you feel!
    Tanoue: I know, right? His cuteness really stood out, even from when he was a Motimon.

    Morita: He was really cute in today's [in the stage play rehearsal] script too! I'm really looking forward to it.

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    How will the Digimon be appearing in the stage play?
    Tanoue: They'll move via manually-controlled puppets. How they will move is not totally confirmed yet, but it does look hard to control them...

    Morita: Today, they raised Tailmon up by about 10 meters. They fight with such force during the battle, everyone just went 'I wonder what'll happen? What should we do?'.

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    Do you think that you share any traits with the characters you're playing?
    Shigeishi: Hikari is quite a mentally strong character. I don't realize it myself, but I often get told that I'm "pretty strong mentally", so I guess that might be a similar trait we share. I hope I can realize this 'mental strength' of mine as I play [Hikari].

    Morita: In the script, there's a part where Sora is deep in thought, and everyone asks her "Did you find anything out?". I tend to fall into deep thought without realizing as well when I'm conversing in a group, after which everyone would ask me "Is something wrong?", so that might be a similarity between us. The way we 'get absorbed in thought without even realizing'.

    Tanoue: Hmm... I don't think I really resemble [Mimi] much at all.

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    Mimi has this sort of eccentricity to her? Which leaves quite a deep impression.
    Tanoue: Mimi is really cheerful and outgoing, right?

    Shigeishi: She's not always that cheerful normally.

    Tanoue: I'm a really gloomy and pessimistic person (laughs). However, the me that I want to show the public is the me that makes overexaggerated reactions and talks cheerfully, so people that meet me live at [play venues] tend to think that I'm a cheerful person. I'm the type of person whose anxieties and envy shows on their face, so I was worried after receiving this role about whether I'd be able to pull off playing such a positive and cheerful girl. However, during practice, I realized that both of us are similar in that our feelings tend to be openly visible, so I thought that human-nature-wise we do have something in common.

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    While it hasn't been long since practice [for the play] has started, were there any captivating points about the stage play that you've already been exposed to?
    Shigeishi: I think all of us are thinking right now "What will happen to the Digimon?", but even before we started [practice], we were already wondering "What will they do about the Digimon?" (laughs). I feel that might be the most surprising thing so far.

    Morita: For me, I think it'll really become a "Super Evolution Stage" as the title suggests, so look forward to it!

    Tanoue: We're still at the stage where we're wondering "what will happen next?". Weirdly enough, I don't feel worried at all about what will happen, even when I hear talk along the lines of "I hope this happens" during meetups or practice. The people controlling the Digimon read the script together with us as well, and we practice together with them not as if they were people, but as if they were our Partner Digimon. They will be adding more props and visuals later on, but we will give our best in building a solid foundation for the play, so I personally feel that it is alright to keep your expectations high for this stage play.

    In addition to the interview above, it's been announced there will be a special talk event with some of the stage play cast...

    The tentative guests are:
    Gaku Matsumoto (Taichi)
    Shohei Hashimoto (Yamato)
    Suzuka Morita (Sora)
    Kamimura Kaisei (Koushiro)
    Kenta Nomiyama (Takeru)
    Yuna Shigeishi (Hikari)

    The event will be held at NicoNico HQ (Higashi-Ikebukuro P'Parco B2F event space) on July 17th. The venue will open at 1:30pm and the event will start at 2pm.

    Entry will be free.

    Update- The event will be streamed via nico for those who want to watch.

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    Can't wait for this ! All the cast look perfect for their roles. And i am glad that they are watching the series' hopefully will get more and more people into digimon.

    I am a bit surprised that they are using puppets for the digimon though .. I thought they might get small people to dress up or something, but now thinking back it sounds a bit silly :P

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    Wonder if the Digimon will evolve in this play, if so, how they are gonna handle it

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    I thought the Digimon would be portrayed via animatronics and suitmation, similar to Kaiju and Tokusatsu.

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    I come from the net
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    Oh. Puppets. ...That actually makes some sense really. Now we just need to see how these puppets look.

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    I was hoping the Digimon were just gonna be 3D animation on a big screen or something, to give it that 'authentically digital' look, and write the story around the Digimon only doing their fighting and chatting from the other side of the screen.
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    Updated with streaming info for the event for those who want to watch it.
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