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Thread: Fight! Digital Tyrannosaurus Manhua

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    Fight! Digital Tyrannosaurus Manhua

    Don't know if this will be particularly useful, but I think it is interesting and decided to compile my findings. I noticed that there was this manhua that came out for the Digital Monster Ver.5 release called "Fight! Digital Tyrannosaurus", and started poking around a bit. There was a little picture of part of the cover included on this Spanish timeline which can be found in this timeline thread. Also in this thread, Exiled shared a link to someone who was either selling a copy or simply posting about it. In the comments section were these pictures a user called "Tsurugi_" posted of the covers of the four volumes, plus an additional page.

    I also found this guy who seems to have some scans of the manhua, but has password protected them, apparently because he received a notice of some kind: http://wzyl1990.blog.163.com/blog/st...1272910530904/

    On this page, there is also another scan of a page similar to the last one in the previous set:

    Anyhow, I fear this is one of those bits of Digimon history that is doomed to obscurity, but it's neat to find these kinds of things, even when information is limited.

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    Neat images.

    Oddly, a lot of things that were even reasonably common in the fandom back in 2000 and 2001 online are almost vanished now.
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    What is the digimon on the second image?

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    I think that's Metal Tyrannomon.

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    This is super interesting indeed!! I have found in this site some extra information about it:

    中國大陸方面,上海世紀出版集團的驚塵(腳本和人設)、黃騏(繪畫)授權創作《數碼寶貝傳說的天空》(共9 話,續編於《數碼暴龍最前線》,加入大量中國元素)且連載於《漫動作少年志》,東方出版社代理余遠鍠的數 碼暴龍TV版前4作縮編漫畫;
    香港方面,正文社的余遠鍠授權創作《激鬥!!數碼暴龍》和《數碼暴龍D-Cyber超進化龍魂戰記》(共2卷,改編於暴龍機漫畫《數碼獸編年史》)且他將數碼暴龍TV版前4作縮編 成漫畫(分別5卷、2卷、4卷、3卷), 代理集英社漫畫《數碼暴龍大冒險V暴龍師-01》 ,皆連載於《CO-CO!》;
    台灣方面,青文出版社呂水世授權將《數碼暴龍大冒險》故事改編成漫畫(共4卷,開篇則借鑑了《數碼暴龍大冒 險V馴獸師01》劇情)且代理集英社漫畫《數碼寶貝V訓練師01》,東立出版社代理余遠鍠的數碼暴龍TV版 前4作縮編漫畫;
    新加坡方面,英文和簡體中文版Digimon系列漫畫由創藝出版社代理且在新加坡和馬來西亞發 行。

    Does anyone in this forum know Chinese?

    By the way, I've compared the pinyin of the manhua (激鬥!!數碼暴龍) with the one of D-Cyber (數碼暴龍D-Cyber 超進化龍魂戰記), and I'm pretty sure that 數碼暴龍 stands for Digital Monsters, so the title would be "Fight! Digital Monsters" or something alike.

    Ps. In the Spanish timeline it says:


    Another world similar to ours where the V-Pets were created and the Digimon succeed in showing up in the Real World. We never got to see the Digital World of this Universe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow Shinji View Post
    香港方面,正文社的余遠鍠授權創作《激鬥!!數碼暴龍》和《數碼暴龍D-Cyber超進化龍魂戰記》(共2卷,改編於暴龍機漫畫《數碼獸編年史》)且他將數碼暴龍TV版前4作縮編 成漫畫(分別5卷、2卷、4卷、3卷), 代理集英社漫畫《數碼暴龍大冒險V暴龍師-01》 ,皆連載於《CO-CO!》;
    《激鬥!!數碼暴龍》 (Fight!! Digital Monsters)
    Published by Rightman Publishing in Hong Kong
    Art by 余遠鍠 (Yu Yuen Wong, they did the other Digimon manhua from HK too)

    all the other info is about other Chinese Digimon manhua so I omitted it.
    and yeah, 數碼暴龍 is the Chinese name for Digimon used in HK. 数码宝贝 is used in Mainland China/Taiwan.

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    How come these are not heard of at all by anyone ? and D Cyber is more well known is there a reason ?

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    I wouldn't mind finding out more about this. Interesting that the focus seems to be on Digimon from the version 5, which was full of evil/sinister Digimon (the Digimon on volume 2's cover is definitely MetalTyrannomon). Obviously Digimon from the other versions appeared as well, though, at least later on.

    By the way... do the three characters on the volume 1 cover look to anyone else like bizzaro 90s versions of the Appmon protagonists? The art, at least in these pictures, is rather odd-looking, with Bandai art of Digimon just straight-up spliced in there.
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    This is crazy. Some more obscure stuff. Really interesting to see.

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    Today I learned: Apparently being a Chinese Digimon fan is pretty great. None of the Western-made materials for Digimon look this nice. Most of them make me cringe...

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