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Thread: English Hacker's Memory Footage of Domination Battles & a Quest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muur View Post
    Sounds like you played on easy/normal. Play on hard and it's a different game. Some of the boss fights are almost impossible. It's weird how different normal and hard are, on normal you can kill a boss in three hits. On hard that same boss fight will take over an hour

    Also... if you're complaining about the ability to remove wild battles (like using a repel in Pokemon) then don't use it!!!!!!!!!!! turning off battles and having the ablity to insta battle (both also in Pokemon and other JRPGs) is important for grinding, as well as quickly getting through a dungeon for say, a item collect side quest. What benefit would level 99 megas have in killing level 1 babies? it's a waste of time and turning off battles now and then is good.
    Nein, I also play hard mode, it's also a cheap attempt of making a "hard mode". Just higher HP and higher stat points, and was mainly on the bosses, so wild battle still sucks. I'm not complaining about the ability, it's just that it's so easy and limitless (you can have 11 digimon in team, so just bring some required digimon is already enough).

    Grinding? yeah, as I said before, you can just take your digimon in digimon farm, leaving digilab for a few seconds, going back again, and then your digimon had grown levels. No need endless boring grinding. You only need that on the last floor of last dungeon to get highest exp. This is also a complaint from me that the digifarm system sucks and is dumbed down much. They don't have real time accumulation of growing digimon unlike in DS, so you won't know when they will grow levels.

    No one does that. If they try to do that, they will lose every boss fight and then grind. You're complaining for the sake of complaining about an OPTIONAL feature. People don't think battles suck... people think pointless battles suck. Also if Digimon are on the field like in Next Order that's even easier to avoid cuz you just run passed them, no hacking skill needed
    As I said, no need to do so coz digifarm is enough. EXP gained from wild battles are much lower than the one you gained on farm, except on the two third of the game and especially the last area. You need to realize that going to lv 99 is very very easy in CS. If no one does that, they'll be masochist for being encountered by bunch of babies and children on Kowloon dungeon (coz most of the events took on there).

    I think many had already said that the game is TOO easy even on hard, especially the wild battles, and is boring on that aspect.
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