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Thread: Frontier Coming to DVD in Australia

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airdramon View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Yamato-san View Post
    Well crap. Tri aside, is Digimon ever gonna have a subbed home release (in any English-speaking region)?
    Maybe after Tri's all done if it sells super well.
    There's no proof either way, but if there's a market that will make tons of money.
    The problem with releasing a dual language version lies in the fact that the English broadcasts were heavily altered, not only in terms of dialogue but also several instances of censorship or outright cutting of footage, so it wouldn't line up with the Japanese version. I think it would only happen if it either gets re-dubbed or the Japanese audio track is edited to match the altered footage of the dub.

    Then again, Shout Factory have started releasing Super Sentai boxsets in America. They know a niche market exists, and people are buying them. But in this case Power Rangers always changed a lot more when adapting Super Sentai, to the point where you have two completely different shows in spite of using identical costumes and stock footage. With something like Digimon, they'd essentially have to convince people to buy the same show again.

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    I'd be down for buying a subbed Japanese version, personally. (This coming from somebody who, besides "The Movie", has the full US dub collection.)

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