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Thread: Random Commentary on Evolutionary Relationships V.4

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    I'm a little surprised you didn't consider Agumon Expert given that Haru is meant to be smart.

    I kinda like the idea of Eri being partnered with Vikemon since it is closer to Poseidomon in terms of body type and is frequently depicted in card art either punching or about to.

    It's also tie into Eri being the physical fighter of the group being the only one trained in self-defence.
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    Updated Shoutmon to Examon ecolution, since they finally released Examon X-antibody

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    That's really fitting, the poses make Growlmon and Examon look even more similar.

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    I come from the net
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    I agree. Very much fitting. Plus, he just gets bigger and bigger which is kind of funny.

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    Numemon X>Monzaemon X>ClavisAngemon

    The only non ultimate male angel we have with the X Antibody right now is Monzaemon. Holydramon and Ophanimon will have Angewomon. I have a feeling Cherubimon is going to fit even better for Monzaemon too.


    Impmon X>Wizarmon X>Myotismon X>Beelzebumon X
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    I come from the net
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    Impmon X > Wizarmon X > CaptainHookmon > Craniummon X

    Eyepatch edgelord evo line! Well Craniummon X is just a knight so he isn't pretty much edgelord....

    Nurse eyepatch then Magic eyepatch then Other World eyepatch then metal eyepatch!

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    Too bad there isnt a MarinAngemon X. Hes pink, sort of slimy and angelic.

    Numemon and Monzaemon kind of fit in between Lopmon and Cherubimon. Wendigomon's evolution always sort of reminded me of the neglected evolutions of the vpets. Virtue might fit even better when its released since it should be pink. There are a lot of Digimon in the X vpets that only have the child and adult of the original line so it's fun trying to fit innx antibodies between them.

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    Those both work really well.
    Additional note, Numemon's Kakyoin X-Anibody works both as an oyster pearl, and as the Gen on Lopmon's ear.

    Tried using drrockso20's chart:

    "Never attempt anything without the gloves."

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    Nice chart, McGann. I have to say that Bryweludramon + Jesmon = Hadesmon works great.

    Back when Demon X was reavealed, his shoulder-maws made me think of BelialVamdemon. So I got the idea of making jogresses between the Seven Great and the "lesser" demon lords as a means of attaining the X forms:

    Because we don't have seven "non-great" demon lords, I had to repeat I few of them.
    Bagramon enhances Lucemon's holy appearance and his artificial arm helps Barbamon fuse with Death Lure.
    Murmukusmon is very unique, but his overall body type and wings match Beelzebumon's.
    The Deathmons are more or less jokers, with the black variant going with the more feral lords.
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