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Thread: Random Commentary on Evolutionary Relationships V.4

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    What works better?




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    I like the second one better, myself. I also think Algomon would make a good Perfect form for Diablomon X. Sanzomon would be a good one for Sakuyamon X.
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    Yeah , Dracumon's eye and smile thing is too perfect. I hope they make more Xantibodies demons in other stages or Keramon's full line because Matadormon is the only one that fits the best for the demon ultimates right now so I'm kind've tired of him. There's BeelzebumonX, BeelStarmonX, GranDracumon and now DiablomonX. Plus I headcanon him with LordKnightmon too. I really like the guard to hell/ruler of hell and As'maria design lconnection too. It's hard tio see but he's bipedal as well. Plus he's got the most eyes whereas Matadormon's are covered .Weirdly similar hairstyles. Sangloupmon is a dog so maybe just switching Matadormon with Cerberumon in his line would be best.

    Has anyone thought of a full line for Renamon X and Sakuyamon X yet? I'm sure we'll get Kyuubimon and Taomon but maybe not, we never got an AngewomonX.

    I like those non X antibody ideas too though.

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