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Thread: Digimon is Officially 20 Years Old!

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    Digimon is Officially 20 Years Old!

    It's the day!

    Digimon is 20!

    The original V-Pets came out in Japan on June 26th, 1997.

    The franchise has come a long way from a couple of V-Pets, but digital LCD toys/games still show up in the franchise quite a bit.

    One interesting thing worth mentioning... the original V-Pets started with a reasonably sizeable lineup of FOURTEEN! Digimon while their 20th Anniversary counterparts had over 10 times that amount, and barely scratched the franchise as a whole.

    In a good chunk of the world it's already June 26th so I decided to post this a bit earlier than I planned because we have other articles popping up in a bit that we are working on and I wanted to make sure people saw this.

    Not saying to much since I figure people will have their own stuff they want to share or talk about, which could be quite a bit after so many years.

    More Digimon news coming shortly.

    Update- The Bandai Digimon Twitter put up this image for the celebration.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)
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    I'm going digital clanc's Avatar
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    Really?! Congratulations Digimon!
    I bet it was lovely playing that new card game, playing with the new Tamagotchi, watching that Pokemon rip-off (its got mon in the name!), participating in the Ship Wars, watching Tamers for the first time and loving it, watching Frontier for the first time and having a meltdown and stuff.
    I hope this franchise continues from here!

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    Red shirt Wolfshark's Avatar
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    Aye *raises fancy glass* Here's to Digimon and hoping it sticks around for years to come.

    Still remember my first ever true digimon experience years ago... ahh the wonders of World one and the endless hours of frustration with getting nothing but an over sized yellow poo. Good times

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    I'm a Maniac Deep Saver's Avatar
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    Cheers! I may be a newer fan of the franchise for sure, but I hope to see the series expand even further while I am around. I was of the variety that started with Adventure, although I didn't watch it when it aired, but a long while after the fact in a fit of wanting to watch some cool monsters. It didn't take long from there for me to dig into other shows, mangas, and games in the loveable mons series! Here's to another 20 years!

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    I'm going digital Velocifaptor's Avatar
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    And cheers to a 100 years more of Digimon! While I never played with the V-Pets, I do have a Japanese Digivice iC, and I'm thinking of getting a 3V cell for it tomorrow (after Eid), just to relive the nostalgia.
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    Happy birthday Digimon. There's more this franchise means to me than I can really express in words, so I'll leave a simple congratulations. Here's to twenty more years!

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    I come from the net Jay Ukyou's Avatar
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    These toys are great but I feel like Digimon is seriously missing the boat by not transitioning their V-pets over to some kinda mobile phone game. I hope the 20th ver. gets a port of some kind. Or hell, why isn't there an Applimonsters App at the very least? It's been 20 years, Bandai, time to evolve with the times!

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    I'm a Maniac CoDL's Avatar
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    Congratulations Digimon!! I can't believe this franchise has been around for nearly my entire life and despite some ups and downs is still going strong. I never owned a V-Pet, but the anime had a huge impact on me. I hope this franchise continues on for a long time!
    We're counting on you, Chosen Children

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    Junior Commander Gigamon23's Avatar
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    I remember watching the debut of the dub on Fox Kids when I was a kid, and I followed the show faithfully through Frontier, but it was V-Tamer and the V-Pets that solidified my interest and kept me coming back, oddly enough. Glad to see they are still around, even while the rest of the franchise explores new territory. Congrats to the franchise!

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    Junior Commander Rohan's Avatar
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    Here's to you, Digimon! Hope you'll have at least 20 mores years.

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