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Thread: New Digimon Twitter Account & Digimon V-Pet Art Book Announced

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    New Digimon Twitter Account & Digimon V-Pet Art Book Announced

    So we have a new official Digimon Twitter account.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    This new account will act as a Twitter account for the official Digimon website.

    Some people had been worried about the site because it's been dormant for awhile, but it looks like this may have been a bit of quiet before Digimon's official 20th anniversary on June 26th.

    The account has announced a really exciting new 20th Anniversary product.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    A V-Pet Artbook!

    The art book will cover the Version 1-5 and the 20th V-Pet.

    They discuss illustrations of more than 150 Digimon from those V-pets, along with dot drawings and various other imagery.

    No pricing information yet, but pre-orders will open at the Premium Bandai store on July 28th.

    More info to come.
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    Oooh, I'm a sucker for artbooks... might have to invest in that.

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    I'm trying to contemplate if I can make numbers work and if I want to try scanning the whole thing if they do.
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    I come from the net Shadow Shinji's Avatar
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    I was waiting for this for so long: at last, an actual Digimon official Twitter account!! I hope this means that we'll see the Digimon Reference Book being updated again sooner rather tahn later.

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    I'm a Maniac Deep Saver's Avatar
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    The thought of clean Digimon artwork that is actually an adequate size is blowing my mind.

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    Super Moderator Theigno's Avatar
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    You know... I have been asking myself for a while if bandai has been keeping the profile pics on their site low resolution on purpose so that they can eventually release artbooks and people would have more of a reason to reason to buy them.
    I'm very tempted to buy this one but I'm not entirely sure yet... I mean I like the early art style but most of the designs are rather simple and being basically the "core roster" of Digimon many of their pictures have found their way into previous publications so they are not that rare either... the ver20th has some newer designs of course but at that point I'll be getting the book for about one sixth of its actual content... but on the other hand some of those new Digimon might be some of the really really new fusions and species that they haven't even revealed yet so that would be a chance to get the best available images of the cutting edge of digimon designs but still, if them giving specific version numbers on the book title could possibly imply that they might release art books for some of the other V-pets as well it might be better to wait until there is an artbook for a V-pet series with rosters I'm generally more interested in, like Pendulum X or Digimon Accel... but that's just a guess and since this book is probably limited like the other p-bandai stuff, so I'm not sure if I want to take that chance because getting it would be more difficult later...
    Such hard decisions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theigno View Post
    Such hard decisions.
    If you do buy this artbook it will help show Bandai that there is a demand for them so they will be more likely to make more. You can always resell it later for about what you paid if not more. I'm probably going to wait to see how big the picture resolutions are first but I think I might get this because I've always wanted artbooks too. I get what you're saying about it being mostly old monsters too.

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    Oh, man....an artbook is SUPER tempting.... XP

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    I come from the net
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    An artbook is nice. Sadly we wouldn't be able to read anything in it but still, the art would be the big draw. I'd almost want that.

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    Damn, I've used part of my savings for the new vpets, and I still want this!
    I loved the original veiny, random cyborg parts design, though I wish they had more poses than the ones they overuse.

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