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Thread: 20th Anniversary V-Pet Thread Discussion Tips Etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by BetamonZ View Post
    Someone mentioned this a while back now in this thread. After having some awkward adult to perfect failures, on top of finding out rookie battles don't count, i followed the 15 most recent battle rule and havn't had a problem since.

    I could test this out with the training partners i hatched for Rust and Alter-S. Will battle to create low win rates then pump out 80% wins in 15 battles. Havn't seen anyone mention a failure to evolve with that technique.

    Seems like i remember a mention or two about Japanese analysis type information is where this originated from. I could be dreaming. Lol. To be honest, i could of dreamt up the whole thing and started a rumour myself for all i know right now. Just ain't feeling that story though.
    At the moment I'm testing with exactly 15 battles. I might try that afterwards. If you get there first, let us know how it goes. If it works, also need to test the other way around (wins followed by losses).

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    Quote Originally Posted by BladeSabre View Post
    For evolution to Perfect, it's only the battles that count (training and care mistakes don't matter). For evolution to Ultimate, you only need 0-2 care mistakes (you don't need to battle any more). And depleting the stamina bar is not required for anything.

    I PM'd linkwrighton to try to get some things updated.
    Yep, thanks all for the update too, & got the PM from BladeSabre for the changes. Will update the spreadsheet in the next few days!

    That said, I thought I'd share my recent updated collection & how I managed to get them thus far without any complications or outdated information. Feel free to add on/clarify for those still in need of help too.
    This is my latest 20th version online registered D-1 ones - all following the said spreadsheet.

    Ver. 1 is completed.
    Ver. 2 is left with Yukidarumon, Birdramon & Whamon.
    Ver. 3 is left with Kentarumon, Shellmon & Drimogemon.
    Ver. 4 is left with Leomon & Coelamon.
    Ver. 5 is left with Devidramon & Flymon.

    Had the privilege to meet up with locals with their new gold/white/black for the recent Dorumon egg and is still on the way to Alphamon, and the rest is pretty much able to complete on just the Original Brown & Grey.
    I only have an Original Brown & Grey with me too so that's as far as the collection goes for me here.

    Hope it really helps confirm most of the shared info thus far, cheers!
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    Spreadsheet For Digimon V-pet 20th Ver.1-5, Special Eggs & Other Info - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...my_WPjYCc/edit

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